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If a curious solo alien arrived at Earth, what would the most likely human response be? [closed]

Revised question: Suppose a singular alien in his small starship (probably around 200m long) exits warp just outside of Earth's SOI. He, perceiving Earth to be a colony somehow missing from his star ...
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How hard would it be for a cockroach to massacre over a dozen humans at around the same scale 'barehanded'?

I know ANOTHER weird cockroach question, but bare with me. I have this very W.I.P story about an non-governmental organization that wants to send out people to make peaceful first contact(not ...
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They made first contact and sent us engine plans, but how can we possibly build it?

First Contact This is a prequel to a relativistic interstellar trade scheme I am currently building on. An alien culture has sent a signal with design plans for solving an advanced anti-matter engine, ...
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How to prove that the source of a signal is truely alien

A device is recovered from an impact site in the desert. This device contains bizarre, but not inconceivable, components and a simple interface. The interface is a black and white touch screen with a ...
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Multiple observatories detect first contact, or so they think

I have the means to place watermelon sized transmitters anywhere within our solar system. I try to fake first contact as smartly as possible. How would earth's observatories go about verifying my ...
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How would my world connect to Earth? [closed]

I'm building a world for the novel I'm writing (called Aroura) and it's a separate world from Earth. There are three tribes, the dragons, the elves, and the humans. My heroine, Galaxy, finds out she's ...
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Plausibility of an Implausible First Contact

A long time ago near a planetary system far, far away, a great battle ensued between the Evil Commonwealth of the Fraternal Order of Mind Your Own Darn Business and the rebellious Expressors of the ...
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The dominating species of Earth is *Felis catus*, yes? [closed]

The aliens arrived in secret and hide on the blue side of the moon. And as they scanned our internet, they decided that Felis catus is the dominant species on Earth, as Homo sapiens sapiens clearly ...
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After the aliens had established first contact, where would it be most rational to put their embassy on Earth? [closed]

Considering a scenario set in a relatively realistic space opera (Something Mass Effect'esque) where aliens had come to our planet at our current level of development, accepted us in some galactic ...
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What would aliens find disturbing about Bible-Belt Christianity? [closed]

Say that an alien race makes first contact with Earth. They orbit for a few days, take a look around... and then land right in the middle of the Bible Belt. Provided that they have moral values ...
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Crash-landed aliens - political repercussions? [closed]

Spinning off of the question "Can humans save crash-landed aliens?", I immediately wondered what the real-world political effect such a landing would cause. To summarize - Aliens crash-land at the ...
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Consequences of failing to contact other civilization

Reality check: Humanity discovers an exoplanet (20 ly) with obvious signs of extraterrestrial intelligence (say there are signatures of large structures made of titan/iridium moving back and forth ...
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How can paleolithic humans colonise the stars without direct help from aliens and still be primitive?

In my story I have paleolithic era humans who were contacted by aliens long enough ago for them to have used space travel to spread across many planets. I want them to be able to fly and somewhat ...
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