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How much can someone get beaten up before their body gives up?

In Mission Impossible, Ethan Hunt gets kicked, punched, pushed, etc, yet he still manages to fight. If a skinny, 16 year old girl with no training (she just used to getting beaten up) were to get ...
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How do I make skeletons strong without using magic? [duplicate]

Skellies are just parasites that take over the bones of the deceased and use them like a mecha/gundam. A stick-insect but in the shape of a human, and made out of bone. the skeleton of the heaviest, ...
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How can I translate fencing into a fast paced, high mobility and directional martial art, normally attributed to more aggressive and rogue chars? [closed]

So my main character in my story, is of a more aristocratic type house. Not necessarily in attitude, but in theme. So victorian style long coats and vests etc, while also being rogue/thief information ...
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Sci fi setting: Are smaller and faster bullets automatically better?

I’m building a world where two civilizations are meeting, and both have fairly different design philosophies with weapons and armor, and the easiest way to sum it up is think Mass Effect without the ...
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Is the method of a telekinetic throwing people a probable combat technique?

My world is set in the time of the Inca's. Every 100 births, a telekinetic is born, someone who can move objects and people with their mind. The common way for a telekinetic to fight other tribes and ...
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Which bear would be the best weapon for a necromancer's army: Kodiak, Grizzly, Polar?

Background: My question would be: which bear would be the most useful for a necromancer who raises one from the dead. Since the bear is dead, temperature, stamina, injuries, aggression, all of that ...
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What would the typical damage of a person creating propulsion on themselves and then use that momentum to punch someone be?

Lets say a character can create magic propulsion to push themselves, fly, and move quickly. And then this character uses this speed and momentum to punch someone. At what speed would the user begin to ...
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Mass for mass could a prehensile tail hits harder than human's punch?

Contestant 1: healthy adult male human weights 80kg with less than 5% body fat. Punching method based on principle of a lever. Contestant 2: healthy adult serpentine species (limbless) with similar ...
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Can this "headgear" be used for defense even if woven and curved sideways?

I really like this concept for headgear and I was wondering about their use. Since I plan on designing a creature with similar headgear. My theory is that due to the way they are bent they don't have ...
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What to add to magic to make magical fights more understandable?

In both movies and written stories its somewhat easy to see or describe the balance in a fight. By showing/describing size, weapons or their skill you can set the differences between the fighters ...
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How to make a duel between knight with a greatsword and mage with a one-handed sword fair? [closed]

My hero is fighting using a longsword. He also knows some basic/intermediate spells so he could for example conjure a shield, throw fire, and things like that. He is currently saving his lady and to ...
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How to best defend against someone with a knife while unarmed? [closed]

My main character is experienced at fist fighting, though is self taught. At 18, he travels to a city in an industrial era time period (circa 1820 - 1850) to find work, but upon arriving there, is ...
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How could I make a normal human character who has no powers, weapons, or tech defeat someone who is superhuman? [closed]

I am writing a story about an average 200 pound guy who is being attacked by someone who has super strength (can lift 6000 tons), "instinct cancellation" (which is just the nullification of ...
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How easily can one single slap kill a person?

On the left side we have Emperor Kaht, 23 years old, 67.5 kilograms of weight with a height of 178 centimetres. On the right side, the northern kingdom's hero, a man of which fame stomps that of ...
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Barehanded vs direwolf

Start game Loading Loading complete You wake up in a forest, naked and lying on your back. As you stand up you realize something has been watching you, it seems to be a dog, a very big f*** dog, a ...
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How to avoid a captain america fighting style with this shield? [closed]

In my story I gave a character a magical captain america shield. Now that I'm writing the second chapter and am right at a combat scene, I've noticed that the fight styles is pretty much captain ...
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How does my 'Free Fall Corps' fight? [closed]

For whatever reason(I don't really care why), there is a portion of the military dedicated to combat while in a free-fall from varying heights. They are well trained at what they do and seem to always ...
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How do I give human fighters a chance when fighting much faster and technologically advanced alien craft?

Human fighters in this instance are six WWII Spitfire Vs and one B-17 Bomber modified with two extra turrets. Each of these planes has been refitted with shields, which can protect from 2 shots on the ...
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Underground fight club realism

My story revolves around illegal fight club, one where opponents get serious and fights sometimes end in fatality. There is one problem though, I want to make more or less inclusive and appealing to ...
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Arena strategy on Tron bikes on the interior of a sphere? [closed]

A group of humans have been transported to an alien arena, where they are forced to duel in many different arenas(I've asked about one of them here). This time, the characters have advanced from hand ...
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How do you beat an opponent that can read your moves? [duplicate]

How do you beat an opponent in a fight, who can read your mind and therefore knows what you're going to do before you do it? For example, in the video game Metal Gear Solid, an opponent called Psycho ...
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Fighting techniques in an arena of rings rotating in alternating directions

This might be a bit story based, but here goes- I have an idea for an arena for one of my civilizations which involves about 20 rings a yard wide and rotating each other at different speeds. the outer ...
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Could any land animal living today kill a tyrannosaurus rex in a fight? (Armed humans excluded) [closed]

scenario: The battle takes place in a quarter mile in diameter, flat concrete, circle arena. Both the Tyrannosaurus Rex and the animal are filled with bloodlust, and will not flee. Rules: To be ...
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