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Questions tagged [fear]

For questions about the emotional state of being afraid of someone or something.

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what shape would a planet entirely dedicated to watching be [closed]

If I have a planet fully dedicated to watching (think the Eye from Magnus Archives) what shape would allow for constant observation of the whole planet from some sort of tower
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These creatures eat human fear - how do they justify it? [closed]

Humans have particular pheromones in their sweat that represents fear (very interesting study - tldr: there are particular chemical odors emitted through sweat when humans are fearful that can be ...
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What would be the easiest way for a personality-altering bioweapon to be transmitted?

So this bioweapon is a genetically-engineered microscopic parasite used by a certain government in a sort of revolution-turned-war. It works by making its host more paranoid, stressed and non-trusting ...
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What could prevent the leadership of a vast conspiracy from defecting, individually or in groups, other than fear or greed?

From the answers on my previous post, What reasons would motivate even low level personnel of vast secret organizations to keep the secret going, other than fear?, it seems that low level personnel ...
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What reasons would motivate even low level personnel of vast secret organizations to keep the secret going, other than fear?

It’s common nowadays for many different types of fictional, and non-fictional, works to speculate on the possible existence, operation, and further expansion, of hidden organizations such as ‘deep ...
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i have a strange fear. can anyone help me? [closed]

so ive had a strange fear of dna and I search what it is. nothing comes up and theres only why we get scared and its because of our dna but im scared of it and theres "no such phobia"
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How does one intimidate enemies without having the capacity for violence?

I'm building a world in a nation role-play community. I recently have begun to use ftl technologies (ftl information transfer and travel) while the majority of the community has had ftl technologies ...
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17 votes
10 answers

Could a predatory semi-sentient species survive, in the long run, without the emotion of fear?

I was thinking of an idea for an alien species in a hard sci-fi universe, and I wondered if a species, with the same amount of emotions as bottlenose dolphins (Except for fear), survive as a species. ...
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9 answers

What could cause normal people to hate magicians?

In a civilization, some people are born with the innate ability to do magic (say like Harry Potter universe). All the people, magical and non-magical, have personalities like those in today's world; ...
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16 answers

Why would people be fearful of the dead?

Zombies do not exist in my universe, at least as far as my planet's reality, maybe in some other place, but not on BlinketyBlink. My world is very much like Earth, in that different people are at ...
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17 votes
14 answers

What can god(s) be afraid of? [closed]

People are afraid of (probably) everything you can think (animals, open spaces, closed spaces, death, and so on). Of course that not everyone is afraid of everything, but generally it is. But is ...
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