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Attempting to improve human stock via selective breeding. Not to be confused with [genetic-engineering].

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Can selective breeding maximize human intelligence without major complications?

I am writing a story about an extreme meritocracy that applies artificial selection and eugenics to humans. This society (called Sophia) views intelligence as the most important trait to have. Almost ...
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How long will it take for a "mutation" to pass to all the human population?

(Note: I am not yet sure about the population numbers involved here, but if it is a very crucial aspect of the answer, somewhere between 1 million to 100 million at the start is almost certainly ...
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What would be some consequences if >80% of people were women? [closed]

The world: a dictatorship with advanced biology. The state controls reproduction for eugenic purposes, and engineers society for harmony. (The same could be said of Brave New World. There are ...
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Is it reasonable to assume the near-extinction of women?

The world of Ruquelis has some problems. It is populated by men, women and winged lilim as in this question: How to get the Lilim to breed true?. People on Ruquelis reincarnate according to the ...
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How can a eugenics program be the most preferable option to create a demonhost?

The warp is a realm that is separated from reality by a barrier, keeping denizens from interacting with each other Daemonic possession allows for a daemon from the warp to take possession of a human ...
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Divergent paths for post scarcity evolution

I have a highly advanced race of god like beings that decided a few hundred thousand years ago to stick a bunch of man-kind's early ancestors into habitats that were designed to manipulate their ...
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What eugenic plan could a human nation use to turn beastfolk into petfolk without using force?

So in my world the human empire have lived together with humanoid beastfolk: think werewolf/lycanth, minotaur, big feline like tiger/lionfolk or humanoid jungle cat, etc. They are relatively smart or ...
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Self selective breeding humans [closed]

Many dogs, as well as other animals, were bred to the point of becoming nothing but mere tools or toys. For example, wolves certainly were already strong, fast, or intelligent creatures but some ...
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Is a Selective Breeding Program to Create Enhanced Humans Plausible?

The idea is that the concepts of DNA, inheritance, and micro-organisms were discovered significantly earlier in history. Roughly 50 years after the founding of Alexandria as a city state in 332 B.C., ...
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Will a race survive eugenics?

I recently watched the classic film Gattaca, which is about a world in which humans are selected with desirable traits at birth. Ignore all the ethics of abortion and genocide (like those claimed for ...
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How long could a race, making recourse of eugenics, survive while trying to keep "pure"

They not only traditionally dispose of most females for believing males are more valuable workers/warriors, but also of any offspring which doesn't look the right way after the first couple of months (...
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How much crossbreeding should there be in a human eugenics program?

I'm posing this question in the terms of inbreeding depression and hybrid vigor. It probably depends on the size of the inbreeding population, and I'm making supersoldiers in a pre-industrial society, ...
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No work and all play makes Jack... no boy? [closed]

Since as far as we can think back, society has worked on these principles. We have become spacefarers and colonized many a new world. Every member of society is a productive member of society... ...
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What changes would we see in humans genetically engineered for combat?

I've got a group of humans who believe as a central tenet of their religion that humans should be as physically perfect as possible. In pursuit of this goal, they've spent a few hundred years applying ...
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