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For questions about fleeing danger or exiting confinement within a fictional world. Make sure questions with this tag are not story-based; the means of escape should relate to the technology or society of your world in such a way that answers help in the world's construction.

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What kind of interior doors make sense on a space station?

We are on an orbiting research station in the near-ish future (100-200 years from now?)—like the ISS but bigger and with a little more space for comfort and convenience. My protagonists have been ...
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Would dirt hide a scent from Rhino-Snakes?

Deep in the forests live great predators that I shall refer to as Rhino-Snakes: These are creatures with the features of both serpents and rhinocerotes. In particular, they have a large equine-type ...
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Evacuating earth in favor of a off-world habitat: Just how many people can be saved?

In 2024, NASA detects a pair of planetoids, each the size of the earth's moon, careening towards our solar system. The good news is that they're set to enter earth's orbit without any collisions (how ...
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How might a dragon escape from these advanced humans? [closed]

THE DRAGONS When standing on all fours, a typical full-grown dragon is about 3 times as tall as a human. They are quadrupedal with four legs, opposable thumbs on the front legs, and two or four wings, ...
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The deaf prisoner got her secret message and the pirates never knew. How was that possible?

I have a Category 3 problem in my world This is an escape from pirates problem. The story requires a secret message to get past pirates and I don’t know how to design the captivity for it. Setting: ...
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How to fake my death in 1994 [closed]

The year is 1994. I am being monitored by a shadow organization with agents in every corner of the government, public service, and positions of power. Fortunately for me they have a lot of people to ...
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How do you tie up a snake-person? [duplicate]

The snake-person is humanoid down to the thighs. Below the thighs they have a pair of snakes replacing their legs. Specifically, the snake's spine attaches with the last thoracic vertebra being ...
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How does one evade a highly determined vampire-sasquatch in an abandoned city?

A Sasquatch-vampire is a rather formidable entity, whose physical characteristics I will list all of in case one is relevant to the question: there is nothing supernatural about them they vary from ...
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Breaking out of a simulated world

For example in one of Rick and Morty episodes, Rick breaks out of a simulation during a concert (overloads the alien CPU with computations). Assuming concert is not an option, how could a character ...
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Minimum tech level required to outrun a terminator?

In the Terminator movies, a nigh-unstoppable cyborg travels back in time from the future to the present day to relentlessly hunt down and kill the human protagonists. They primarily manage to evade it ...
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Can People Fool Benevolent Brother's 'Alibi Trackers' and Escape?

Alibi Tracker Improvement Program Announcement Today, October 1st, 2074AD, marks the 50th year since 2034, when Benevolent Brother freed all of humanity on the only 2 continents of Earth. Since then, ...
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How can two mermaids (one paralyzed), escape underwater prison built to capture their kind? Also, what kind of prison will that be? [closed]

The situation on which my question is based, two mermaids are imprisoned in an underwater prison unit. This city is on top of a plateau. Hence, mers mostly move horizontally like humans and often ...
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Would you be able to shoot a metal collar off? [closed]

Say one of your characters have a metal collar attached. One that acts like a tracker and an alarm if they manage to escape their cell. If they get their hands on a gun, would they be able to aim it ...
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Minimal mass of an Earth-like satellite to seriously deter space travel?

I want to write a story taking place on the natural satellite of a gas giant, with said satellite being massive enough to prevent, or at least strongly deter, space travel, such that the resources ...
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Why would humanity have left Earth 2 so quickly? [closed]

In the world I am building (based heavily on the Star Wars universe setting, but more historical), humanity first abandoned Earth to travel to another planet within their solar system, which they ...
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Is it possible to escape being trapped in an invincible humanoid 'shell'? [closed]

My world was created by beings who eschewed physical bodies in favor of enormous blocks of stone to show off their creative potential. There's 12 of them, and together they make Earth and everything ...
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Big and important box needs to be shipped outside the country. How? [closed]

Somebody developed an advanced hardware-based autonomous AI. It can't be uploaded to a hdd or sent via internet somewhere and must be "always ON" i.e. it needs to run minimal services like integrity ...
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Any device to move a black hole [closed]

Our universe is quite boring area with lot of emptiness. Seems to be a huge misinvestment if the space had a price for the creator (or the causer?). There is almost no way escaping this universe with ...
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A meteorite is about to ram into a planet. How long do the main characters have to leave the planet before they die?

At the end of Book 6 of my book series, a magic ritual has caused a large meteorite (around 1/4 the size of the one that caused the chicxulub crater) to ram into the small planet (around the size of ...
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Would the "labyrinth-rule" work in n-dimensional labyrinths (where n > 3)?

There is a well-known rule of getting out of any finite labyrinth in a finite timespan; just find an outer wall, touch it with your appropriate hand and when it turns, turn with it. This way, the ...
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