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Do internal combustion piston engines have a place in an interstellar civilization?

So purely electric vehicles are clearly the future. Battery tech is getting better every day and EVs are gradually getting cheaper. However, they don't sound cool. They don't really sound like ...
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Engine most likely to be available in the next 80 years to accelerate a craft at 1g for 4 weeks

I posted this in Space SE, but someone suggested I also post it here. So here it is! I am wondering what type of engine would most likely be available in the next 80 that can constantly accelerate a ...
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Feasibility of Tiny Nuclear Engines

In this setting nuclear material is incredibly cheap, while all hydrocarbons need to be synthesized from scratch. Additionally people have shadow magic which allows them to both easily shield against ...
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How to slow and limit the scope of the internal combustion engine in powering an airship

I need to limit the development of the internal combustion engine so that it is only available in small numbers to few individuals and does not progress technically, or at least only progresses slowly....
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Need habitable barge/river boat - think British canal narrowboats but faster. Engine, build, real life inspiration ideas needed

So I have a boat which is meant for river travel, so built like a barge, flat hull etc but it's not just for cargo, think of one of those fancy modern British narrowboats with cosy furnishings etc. ...
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Effective Design for Light-Powered Aircraft Engines? [closed]

How would aircraft engines be designed which use magic orbs able to output insane amounts of light for power? In this industrial era setting, ordinary engines exist and are the cheapest option for ...
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Is speed of a ship limited by its propellers or the engine

For both nuclear and diesel powered ship, an aircraft carrier for example , Is it the engine that can’t produce enough power to drive the propellers to get as much as speed you can get within ...
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Nuclear Propulsion System [closed]

Is it plausible to: Have a huge nuclear powered aircraft carrier to be propelled by H2-O2 rocket engine (size adjust) where you generate both reactants from sea water through Electrolysis. What would ...
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2 votes
4 answers

In this alternate history, what great 19th century mind would most likely create the first nuclear powered engine?

I’m bringing nuclear power to the 19th century and need to know who had the tools and connections to become the 19th century “Father of nuclear power.” Background: The Real World Raw, unenriched ...
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A car propelled by a turbine air jet has acceptable efficiency?

So, I know that there are vehicles that use gas turbines as their engines, but they are connected to the wheels. What I'm asking is that if a turbine with reasonable size (small enough to fit in a car ...
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Would this be feasible method to get more power out of a hydrogen internal combustion engine?

The idea is to use the waste water & heat of a hydrogen engine to power a steam turbine for more power. The way it works is by taking the exhaust water/steam. Putting the water/steam through a ...
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