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For questions about lifeforms that are composed of some form of energy (e.g. electrical) rather than physical matter.

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How would you define an energy lifeform?

In a previous question I asked what environment on a rocky planet could evolve an energy lifeform. It was then the counter question was raised of what I meant by an energy lifeform. Could it only be ...
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How would plasma-based lifeforms interact with physical matter?

I believe that I had previously wrote about the possibility of energy beings, although it seems that them being made of neutrinos is right out. So I instead thought of them being made of plasma. Some ...
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Feasibility of Neutrino-based Energy Beings

I have seen in most sci-fi books and flicks about the existence of a special type of alien who is not even made up of standard biological composition, but more of a living mass of energy and ...
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Anatomically Correct Super-Intelligent Shade of Blue [closed]

For the Anatomically Correct Series. The super-intelligent shade of blue, or more properly, Hooloovoo, is exactly what it says on the tin. Whether the creature is intelligent in general or just ...
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Humans have energy, but not water. What happens? [closed]

Suppose that through a "hand-wavium" genetic engineering coupled with nanotechnology the humanity was able to develop a body battery. How does this work? It provides enough energy for the human body....
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What's the elemental form used in conjuring a super power/ability? [closed]

Example: kinetic energy used for psychic abilities and chakra for ninjas and so on. What more forms are there? If a knight(mage/magical knight) were to use his 'superpowers', what form of energy ...
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What wishes should a genie grant itself? [closed]

Genies can be trapped in a lamp for long periods of time, maybe hundreds or thousands of years. They are made of vapour so this doesn't inconvenience them much. Whilst in the lamp they don't have a ...
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Slowing or Averting Global Warming With the Help of Elemental Powers: Part 1 (Fire)

Other posts from this thread will be posted here as these are updated: Info Part 1, (Fire) focuses on what the fire elementals can do. There are 200 such beings that exist (and have existed for a long ...
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How to transform matter from an immaterial state to another more solid state

Does matter, physical things that can be observed and measured by our five senses, have wavelength (or phase) the way that radio waves do, and if so can that be manipulated somehow? Let me explain... ...
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How to trap a energy being?

I have a creature that can transform itself from matter into energy. Some scientist try to trap it by tricking it into a cage. But what kind of cage will hold an energy being? This take place in the ...
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What a gift for the Energy Being that has everything? [closed]

Is there anything Energy Beings want to make them stand out among the other Energy Beings? Socks are always a fallback option, of course, but there has to be something more original than that...
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How to kill an energy being?

An energy being or astral being is a theoretical life form that is composed of energy rather than matter. We can kill a person by damaging his/her body physically. How about killing an energy being? ...
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Could plasma be a building block for life?

I'm talking about ionized gas not the plasma in our blood. I have been reading science articles about plasma and they keep hinting at the idea of plasma based life. Here is my first example and an ...
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The Simplest Energy Beings

We all have seen gobs of energy beings in movies - but one thing that's always bothered me is how an energy being lives. What's life like in the energy world? The Ergs are energy beings on some ...
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