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Questions tagged [element]

For questions about the distribution and uses of specific chemical building blocks. This tag exists as a catch-all term for every unique element (hydrogen, helium, etc) for questions focused on one or two elements in particular. Compare to "chemistry" which details how elements interact in order to produce specific effects.

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How much light would pass through ice? [closed]

I am writing a book in which a civilisation lives in the remnants of a giant crater with a dome of ice over the top. This crater is huge, I'm talking about 200 square miles huge, so this is a very ...
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How to create three new chemical elements? [closed]

I'm trying to create a universe with 3 new chemical elements. I want them to be as realistic as possible but I'm not a chemist, so I need some help. I need to create: A gold coloured element Three ...
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All arsenic not in the ground is magically removed. What effect would that have?

The land of Koyokuni has been depopulated of people and their domesticated animals for many years, and had been sown with ergot spores, venomous insects, large, aggressive venomous birds and even ...
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How would civilization differ if silicate glass wasn't so useful? [closed]

(This is a "hard sci-fi" chemistry question.) Silicate glass is malleable when hot, stiff at human-compatible temperatures, transparent, and chemically inert. It's cheap and easy to make, ...
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What elements are usually in the planets near the sun?

This is a follow-up to my original question about my planets, but this one is mostly for a different planet. Basically, I have a small terrestrial planet close to the Sun, about the size of Mercury. I'...
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How would an element behave that's a plasma at room temperature?

I'm considering a world where there's an element that has an element that's naturally a plasma. I'm wondering what the broad behavior of such an element would be. Would it be inherently unstable, ...
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A rocket powered by Francium(element 87)?

Francium is the most reactive of all alkali metals, in theory. It is so rare because its half-life is so short. But, using the Theory of Relativity, if you speed up the Francium in a particle ...
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Could neutron star mergers provide the necessary elements for complex life in the early universe?

I have been looking into the earliest possible time in the universe that a human-like intelligent species could evolve based on the necessary elements being present. Kepler-444 is one of the oldest ...
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A wizard develops transmutation -- but is it of any real use?

Edit: Everyone's ignoring the condition that the wizard needs to survive! This transmutation is to an object they're holding, it is not at a distance and any shielding is on the object and gets ...
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Alternate chemical elements?

I'm running into some issues trying to make sense of both my planet's density (it's given properties should make the planet an ocean world, so I'm looking for lighter elements so the planet is rocky) ...
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What would my alloy (Marbelar) be made from?

Now, I have a fictional alloy called marbelar in my world, having a similar appearance to brass, featuring a reddish-gold appearance. It also has the highest stopping power out of any material in my ...
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5 votes
3 answers

Easiest to acquire solid element with high purity?

The goal is to create the Great Wall of China out of Titanium - which is to say you need a lot of material. Transmutation magic exists which can turn anything into a pure element (Titanium in this ...
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How would a creature like this work?

This lifeform is a carbon based humanoid that uses ammonia instead of water, breathes chlorine gas, and its body uses the mineral olivine to toughen its skin. Its blood is blue; apparently an ammonia-...
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Elements found on Earth but not on Mars or the Moon [closed]

I am writing a sci-fi story. The availability of materials has big impact on the backstory: What elements can you find in extreme trace quantities on Earth, but not on the Moon? What elements can ...
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How much atmospheric nitrogen can we replace with other gasses without causing problems for human health? [duplicate]

I know we need nitrogen to live, but what happen if we reduce the proportion of nitrogen in air (replacing it with another substance)? What percentage can I replace without risking health of humans ...
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