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What considerations would have to be made for a spacecraft with minimal-to-no digital computers on board?

I'm writing a sci-fi book where the main method of travel involves collapsing a star into a black hole by putting a satellite equipped with some sort of handwaving mechanism into orbit around the star....
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Could You Use Mitochondria to Power Your Cell Phone?

Halfthawed replied to vicky_molokh in 2019 regarding her question associated with External ATP Synthesiser Plausibility. Halfthawed stated: ATP is kind of already synthesized by battery power. In fact,...
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What type of environmental phenomenon would impact computers but not low-level electrical applications?

An environmental phenomenon, cloud or mist of sorts, rolls into an area that greatly affects "thinking machines". Basically, any types of computers or logic instrument based on electrical ...
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Are 60000 RPM electric motors enough to a tennis launcher-like weapon to launch a bullet at same speeds as conventional rifles?

Well, I've made this question before, but it wasn't well written, so I deleted it. I think this time is good enough? Context: Semi-futuristic scenario where instead of gunpowder, they use weapons ...
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The simplest tube design possible to build in late 1890's

I'm writing a fictional story where someone from our time (the present), travels back to 1896. He has a lot of knownledge about science and electronics, so he can easily built some basic circuits, as ...
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Could molecular nanotechnology alow the creation of computer chips and hardware that would have any desirable shape rather than being always flat? [closed]

Could the direct manipulation of individual atoms and molecules allow the creation of computers that could have exotic and weird shapes like a cube or even a sphere with flexible and/or continuous ...
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Advantages of my runic magic system that can be used to build machines and computers over electronic circuits [closed]

Mages can use runes to Transfer over distance and transform easily between different types of energies (heat, kinetic, electrical, etc and magical energy) Store raw analogue signals or accurately ...
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How can a ghostly being who can't be remembered for longer than 60 seconds secure access to electricity?

I have a character in my story (set in 1998) who has been magically altered in three major ways: 1: She cannot be remembered for longer than 60 seconds without continuous exposure to her by one of the ...
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Ideas for underwater electrocution weapon?

Are there any electronic devices that can be used to electrocute people in water, like, say, beach goers in the ocean? The weapon would need to be installed under the water in advance and then be ...
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What are some means of subjecting Earth to a constant magnetic field imbalance capable of damaging or shutting down unshielded electronics?

I'm trying to make an alt-history in which electronics are constantly effected by higher-than-normal background magnetic effects - think a constant geomagnetic storm, except not necessarily caused by ...
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What would be the consequences for microelectronics if the Sun caused more coronal mass ejections?

Let's say that the Sun, instead of being the relatively tame star it is IRL, constantly sends out low-level but unpredictable coronal mass ejections that aren't enough to negatively affect life but do ...
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3 answers

There is a material that could be used like the Dune's Stillsuit to generate electricity by friction?

Well, even though I used Dune Stillsuit as an example, the idea I have is nothing related to the recycled water they need, just to generate electricity constantly through their journey to keep them ...
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How would electronics develop without petroleum/plastic? Particularly computers?

I'm working on the setting of a society that went directly from coal-powered industrial revolution into "clean" sources of electricity without having a "diesel age" in-between. The ...
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Semiconductor foundries are a thing of the past. Rebuild the computer industry if you can

After the uncontested absorption of Hong Kong in 2020, China reasserted control over Formosa in 2022. In 2023 the Korean government reopened its war against its southern rebels, leading to their ...
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Would a frozen Earth "brick" abandoned datacenters?

I am writing fiction about Earth becoming a rogue planet. I'm thinking about how future archeologists would deal with 21st century history. Datacenters might be treasure troves for them, as long as ...
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16 votes
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Could an EMP be generated from a server room with enough power to disable a bomb?

You are an individual with competence in electronics, whose family member has been abducted. She is trapped in an underground server room via dead man's trigger connected to a substantial explosive ...
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Can a single survivalist in a post-apocalypse, post-EMP world have electrical appliances?

EMP has wiped out every electrical circuit on the planet (Carrington event level). At the same time some unspecified non-persistent major disaster has wiped out everyone on Earth except her. There's ...
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Could two smart phones work as an intercom on an alien planet?

This question is a follow up to a previous question asked by @AvengingEarth Would a smart phone work on an alien planet? I'm interested in taking a step further. All conditions are as in the previous ...
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If I removed the gold from my phone [closed]

So I have a rather short question: what would happen if all the gold disappeared from my phone? Now, I know, most likely it would just stop working. But precisely, what would we see first? Would ...
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Flare star vs electrical grid

My planet is tidally locked, airless, and has no magnetosphere. It's located close to a flare star (5% solar mass, 11 Gyr old), and is in it's habitable zone. The strongest flare ever detected on ...
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Believable way to make missiles and drones inferior to analog starfighters?

I realize that in space, battles will take place at ultra long ranges due to sensors and the absense of stealth. This makes missiles and or attack drones (remote controlled or AI controlled) the most ...
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Can a Planet's Electromagnetic Field Be Strong Enough for Wireless Electricity (Induction)?

Wikipedia states: "Electromagnetic or magnetic induction is the production of an electromotive force (i.e., voltage) across an electrical conductor in a changing magnetic field." This one sentence ...
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Is elastic wiring feasable?

Since wireless does not seem to be the ultra-high-broadband solution of the future (according to recent 5G cellular network results), wires seem the only way to go for a data-intensive future. The ...
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