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Ecology is the scientific analysis and study of interactions among organisms and their environment.

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What types of lifeforms might this cold world have?

The average temperature on this world surface is −55 degrees Celsius. 80% of the surface of this world is covered by liquid ammonia oceans. This planet has a surface gravity of 0.75 g. The ...
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How to construct a consistent ecology in an rpg fantasy world with monsters [closed]

Many RPG worlds seem to have a fauna and flora that is composed of the organisms found in our world with a more or less well thought out set of monsters added on. I was wondering how to design a ...
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Faux-natural barriers between environments in a world-sized zoo

Suppose a K-II civilization built a terrarium or zoo, featuring life and ecosystems from different worlds as it travelled through the universe. (By K-II I mean in terms of resources and energy budget ...
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What creature is vital to an ecosystem, that when wiped out could cause drastic and devastating ecological effects? [closed]

So a little bit of background. I am writing a fantasy novel (non-traditional setting), though the ecology is similar to our world so I'm simplifying to just discussing our world for ease of answering. ...
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How to wrap the Moon in plastic to make her a giant, supported by the atmospheric pressure, greenhouse

Moon's surface is about thirty million square kilometers large. That's a lot of plastic, but no bigger effort than many other terraforming projects we have discussed. Description: A global bubble ...
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Can every animal eat most other animals?

An idea for a story I’m working on involves a far away world that was once inhospitable. Scientists - likely alien ones - terraformed it so it could support life (coincidentally, Earth-like life). ...
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What would the fastest way for microscopic humanoids to spread across the world?

As part of a series of questions that I've been doing about microscopic humanoids ... In my world, there are a race of microscopic humanoid organisms (0.3 mm - 0.33 mm). They live in a variety of ...
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10 votes
8 answers

A world with no carnivores

I have, what I hope to be, a fairly simple question. I am designing a planet where there are no carnivores. Assumptions The creatures would all be very complacent and would feed and live in very ...
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What organism would be needed to make mars hospitable?

question 1 : What type of organisms would we have to place on mars for its atmosphere breathable for large mammals ( and human beings Question 2 : are there any organisms that could transform ...
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If mountain lions were Griffins, how would it affect other animals?

Griffins are the size of mountain lions, with wings that are used to glide. So a group of Griffins, instead of pursuing their prey over ground, could jump off a high rock and glide downwards and go ...
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Would it be possible for a population of snakes to survive by eating nothing but fruit?

I was thinking of a scenario in which a population of snakes gets stranded on an island in which they are literally the only animals. This hypothetical island does not even have insects for the ...
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What environment would support an electric alien species?

I was thinking, and I came up with an alien race, which enthralled me. I was just wondering if these creatures would plausibly evolve this way. (Info dump time These aliens are humanoid. While they ...
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3 answers

Will my worlds not be salty enough to support animal life?

I read on the cooking.stackexchange site that all natural salt on Earth was created by seas and oceans, starting with primordial oceans four billion years ago. This got me thinking about my fictional ...
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