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For questions about star-encircling megastructures. For structures which fully enclose a star, use [dyson-sphere] instead.

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How long can a shattered Dyson Ring support life?

Now I recently had an idea for a setting and villain backstory and thought might as well get it vetted. Once, there was a mighty Empire that had conquered its home system and converted most of the ...
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Possible delta-v savings with solar sails for reaching a Mercury-like orbit

I want to send the parts of a Dyson swarm to a heliocentric orbit with the average orbital radius equivalent to that of Mercury. I've heard that in terms of delta-v Mercury is a hard place to reach ...
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Torus orbit for Dyson swarms

For a Dyson swarm (a large collections of advanced SBSP satellites usually in heliocentric orbit), the orbit is an important and difficult component. A possible orbital system is a torus-shaped orbit (...
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When can I have my megastructures? [closed]

I'm building a science fiction setting. The present is just like ours. Some time in the middle of the 21st century, humanity invents technology that allows travel to nearby stars within months. By the ...
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What happens if a point of a ringworld is at perigee? [closed]

Imagine the center of gravity of a ringworld is exactly at the center of mass of a star, there is no other massive objects so I wonder how do ringworld avoid drifting off and what happens if it has a ...
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Is it possible for a Halo array to have a 24-hour day/night cycle?

The Halo series features ringed worlds called Halos that are roughly 10,000 kilometers in diameter. You play the game across a variety of locales on the inner surface of these ring worlds, but also ...
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Are Orbital Rings feasible to construct in another star system?

In this universe, Earth had a couple orbital rings during the construction of the colony ships that were sent to Alpha Centauri. Humanity has achieved fusion power and efficient space flight (1g ...
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What are the size limits on an spin-gravity space station?

A spin-gravity space station, a ring-shaped structure that creates a faux gravity on the inside of the ring via inertia, has been depicted as no bigger than a house and as massive as a solar system. ...
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Building a Dyson Array as an energy source

For the purposes of this question, assume that a Dyson Array is a collection of discrete solar panels or mirrors orbiting the sun, all of whom share the same orbit and have same velocity. Can a ...
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What is the natural shape of the atmosphere on a Niven ringworld?

Assuming the atmosphere on a Niven ringworld is retained by gravity, what shape would it be? Full details of Ringworld As I understand it, Niven proposed ...
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Is it really possible to see across a ringworld? [duplicate]

Almost all illustrations of ringworlds that I've come across tend to show off the shape of the ringworld from the surface. This doesn't seem realistic to me, because the ringworld's radius would ...
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In a spinning Dyson ring, would objects not touching the surface experience gravity?

I have a world inside a Dyson ring with a radius of ~1 AU, complete with humans, animals, plants, clouds, and Earth-like atmosphere. The ring is spinning at a particular angular speed, giving the ...
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Can a Ringworld have a 'moon'?

The idea is to have a number of artificial, spherical satellite to have sort of a "spiral" orbit around a Ringworld, such that the inhabitants of each of a number of ring sections see a moon in the ...
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Terraform Mars or Dyson Ring?

Background: The main asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter is the closest and richest source of non terrestrial resources to Earth in the solar system. Even though it is vast its resources are ...
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