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Evolutionary advantage of a venom compound that makes pain pleasurable

On the world of Ruquelis, the combination of reincarnation and the drug Hialutabu allows the inhabitants to do some truly awful things to each-other and justify it to themselves as good. Hialutabu is ...
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Will a Humans Tolerance Keep Going Until Full Immunity?

Context: This is a post apocalypse low fantasy, soft science world. In it megacorps have built a protected city for citizens to survive. The world outside the walls in dangerous, with toxic gas, ...
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What would the consequences of abusing my fictional drug be? [closed]

In this world there exists a potent psychogenic drug named Soma(lifted from Brave New World because I like the name and vibe). The effects of the drug are thus. In small doses the drug ‘softens’ the ...
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How could a person make a concoction smooth enough to drink and inject without access to a blender? Is it possible?

I have this story where this dude turns himself into a mutant by saturating himself(drinking, cooking with, bathing in, inhaling, and injecting it) in this stuff he made with energy drinks, protein ...
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How can I give someone a lethal disease?

I am writing a story in which one character will kill another character by inducing a life-taking disease like cancer so that it will not be shown as a murder to anyone and it will be a slow death. I ...
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What could make an animal have hallucinogenic blood?

The animal in question is not hallucinating, but instead the humans who drink the blood of the serpent experience an altered state of consciousness that’s used in shamanistic ritual. What chemicals ...
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Why would all drugs be legalised? [closed]

In my world, there is a species from the Homo genus named Homo magicus. They are my wizards (or sorcerers, if you want). Traditionally, magical humans/wizards/sorcerers are an EXTREMELY religious race:...
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Would the loss of intoxication cause a mass withdrawal event?

This is a follow up from my earlier question, in which a virus has wiped out humanity's ability to get intoxicated or high. During the peak of the pandemic, as more and more people lost their ability ...
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