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Questions tagged [dream]

For questions about imagined events that a being experiences while unconscious.

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3 answers

What would a therapist be able to do with the ability to read people's dreams?

My urban fantasy setting has, among other things, succubi and incubi. They have all of the traditional traits you'd expect (wings, the ability to change their appearance, superhuman sex appeal ...
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How to prevent theft in a world where dreams are shared?

Say we can influence our dreams to a certain extend and are able to participate involuntarily in somebody else dream, I am wondering is there a way to prevent leaking important information such as my ...
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9 answers

What could be a means to defeat a child’s nightmare? [closed]

In my world, there is a monster that materializes as a childhood nightmare (nothing specific, just this general fear children feel when they are alone in the dark). I wonder what would be a nice way ...
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How does tulpa communicate with his owner?

A Tulpa is a concept in mysticism and the paranormal of a being or object which is created through spiritual or mental powers. The Limbo is like internet, a vast information network made of dreams ...
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What if our dreams where we see unknown people or places are fragments of our parent's memories that were genetically transferred? [closed]

Could that be possible? Atleast for SOME people?
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How to enter another person's dream? [closed]

I'm building a setting for a game where the players enter into another person's dream, a la the film Inception. In a sci-fi setting, what technological problems would need to be solved order give ...
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7 votes
2 answers

Could a human die through a dream?

I am sure anyone had terrible nightmares, some are even that terrifying that they wake you up with a bed soaked in sweat, skyrocketing the pulse that it almost bursts your heart. However, can a dream ...
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2 answers

Simulating Divergence such as in Divergent/knowledge of a dream as in Inception?

Sorry about the confusing title, it's kind of impossible to condence this into a single one-sentence question. Background information (skip if you already know a little about Divergent and Inception):...
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2 answers

What would be the effects of losing the ability to dream?

In my fantasy setting, dreams are located in what could be called a parallel dimension - commonly known as "The Void". Some people are able to develop powers related to the Void through long training (...
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How to Catch a Dream Thief?

My hapless wanderer (I believe we agreed to call her Alice) won the struggle at the Morrow Castle. This next challenge will test her abilities (and ours, as worldbuilders) like never before. The ...
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