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Is it reasonable that the people of Pandemonium dislike dogs as pets because of their genetics?

The world of Pandemonium is a world in another universe where humans may exist, that is gravitationally connected to Earth in our universe. Over the course of history since the big bang, these ...
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What evolutionary pressures would lead to Canis major?

In my world, there is a species of canid named Canis major, commonly named giant wolves or giant coyotes or giant dogs (the name was based on a famous constellation). They are the world's largest ...
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How could sapient dogs develop 17-century technology without having hands? [closed]

In my world, dog-like creatures gradually developed a 17-century civilization over time. It is believed that a now extinct species modified the dogs to have human-like intelligence. The dogs have ...
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How big can a young mad scientist make their homemade Clifford before he overheats?

Long story short, a child mad scientist wants to scale up their pet dog - they read about Clifford, and wish to replicate that story, as a young mad scientist generally does. The billionaire mad ...
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Religion For Dogs [closed]

I’ve been developing a world in which humans have disappeared, and pedigree dogs have returned to their country of origin. The story is set in the UK, roughly 3 years after the event. My idea was that ...
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Is a genetically enhanced wolf-based creature realistic?

I had an idea for a creature in my world: the enchanced canine. Basically, they were dogs, mostly German shepherds, that were used by a police organization in the United States. These policemen, ...
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How rare would the relationship between humans and dogs be, if you could somehow sample all alien life?

Humans have a lot of different pets, and I assume aliens would too. But the relationship between humans and dogs is kind of different. There aren't any other animals that have been as symbiotic for ...
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if a bipedal dog were to evolve, what main cultural and behavioral patterns would follow? [closed]

We can see it in most of us humans. Most homininae, including gorillas apes and humans, act generally similar even if we look really different. We laugh in the same way, we stay in families the same ...
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