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For questions about systems of government in which citizens participate directly in political decision-making, as opposed to indirectly participating through elected representatives.

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What would be some social welfare systems of a first world developed nation with a GINI Index of 32.56? [closed]

GINI is a term that is used to measure income inequality (See here for examples and is a good indication on to what kind of society ...
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How many votes should a solar system sized AI get in a galactic democracy? [closed]

In a setting where there is a multispecies Galactic Democracy with Proportional Representation that has expanded with the rule of giving one vote to any individual, how should they deal with a Machine ...
14 votes
25 answers

Can there be democracy in a society that cannot count?

Parallel universe, human in this alternate Earth are innumerate at least; they do not have a sense of counting or quantifying if you will. I am wondering since these primitive humans are beginning to ...
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How could a government be implemented in a virtual reality? [closed]

In the not so far future a lot of people live inside virtual realities. But there are not only humans living in these virtual worlds but also machines (programs/AI/bots/etc...) on different levels of ...
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Who writes the laws and creates the policies in a direct democracy? [closed]

I'm trying to find a good structure for a direct democracy and i've ran into the problem of figuring out who should be responsible to write the policies and laws in a direct democracy. Who should be ...
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The biggest flaw with a Democratic Taxation system? [closed]

Imagine a country where once a year, the citizens file a sort of vote with their tax return, where each return decides how taxes will be spent. Each citizen controls an equal portion of the taxes, ...
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Direct Democracy with Project-Based Administration in a Post-Scarcity Society

I wonder if a political system without a permanent government is feasible. I am thinking about a combination of a direct democracy with a project-based administration. The citizens are long-lived (...
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