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Questions tagged [dictatorship]

For questions relating to dictators or dicatorships and their impact on societies, law, and culture.

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Feasibility of One-Citizen Dictatorship [closed]

Does it make sense for a country to be dictatorial but with extremely limited power? The only citizen of the Autonomous State of the Panama Canal (roughly same borders as Panama Canal Zone) is the ...
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How Nazi Germany should use it's new Nukes to quickly and efficiently conquer the entire world [closed]

The premise is thus; A neo-nazi time traveler with a ton of money to throw around who's also done a ton of research into the manufacturing, mechanisms, and uses of nukes, brings a few construction ...
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Is it possible to breed extremely peaceful humans?

There is a dictatrix (female dictator) who is a well-intentioned extremist. She wants to make humans as peaceful as capybaras by only permitting humans who are empaths/sympaths to reproduce, humans ...
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How could a tobacco/nicotine prohibition be efficient?

In The Dictatrix and the Navigator (a live-action feature film I am writing, I want to direct myself, and I would like to play some characters within it) (I want to play both the Dictatrix and the ...
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How do I save my Global "Benevolent" Dictatorship from Pesky Superheroes?

So I'm a dictator of the world, who seized power after a global collapse and I maintain control of the world with my giant army of killer robots - tanks, planes, androids, and so on. Things have been ...
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Is a cosmopolitan totalitarian regime realistic?

What I mean is I did the political test of eight values, and I saw the results of many other people. I think there is a negative correlation between being open to the world and being in favor of ...
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How can you avoid a world dictatorship, with machines as enforcers (police, military)?

I'm writing a story and I got a bit stuck. The world where the story takes place is at a point in its development where they no longer use humans as military personnel nor as police. When military or ...
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Post-scarcity disguised as benevolence - what can go wrong? [closed]

TLDR: The worlds richest man has secretly got the ability to make anything at near-zero cost, humanity is technically post-scarcity. But he sells us things anyway, cheaply, and becomes a monopoly, all ...
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How to become a dictator by travelling to worse realities? [closed]

Let's say I'm a normal person, in my thirties, having the ability to travel to alternate realities. These realities are similar to ours, but they get worse each time. New wars, disasters, greater ...
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Early stages of a police / surveillance state, experiment leading to totaliarian government [closed]

A democratic government starts tightening its grip on the citizens by tiny steps, slowly but surely they advance towards a state that resembles China today. In their first step, they start a ...
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How can a dictatorship government be beneficial to a dictator in a post-scarcity society?

In my scenario of a post-scarcity society in the far future, everyone has abundance in their basic needs from food and energy and the technology is very advanced that humans are more intelligent, ...
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How would a Dictatorship make a country more successful?

How would a Dictatorship make a country more successful (Wealthy, politically and materialistically powerful, secure, stable)? Background: In this instance the country is a monarchy to begin with. ...
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Everybody has a brain implant. What measures can a criminal take to escape justice? [closed]

In the future everyone has a government implant placed in their visual cortex at a young age (let's say 8 years). There is no choice about this - except of course for the Big Leader's immediate family....
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How can I take over the country? [duplicate]

I live in a western democratic country and I'm rather discouraged. I don't feel the current political system works and have decided to take matters into my own hands. My goals are: To use the ...
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How can I transition from a democracy to a dictatorship, from within the government?

Suppose I am elected the leader of the government (president, head of state, etc.) of a present-day Western style Earth nation. My government has solid support in my country's parliament, but not ...
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