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Questions tagged [deserts]

For questions about the formation and existence of deserts, how civilizations survive in them, creatures of the desert, and related topics.

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9 answers

Are there any real world examples of where a desert and a swamp meet each other?

I am building a world with many deserts and swamps. So a simple question: Are there any real world examples of where a desert and a swamp meet each other? Deserts and swamps are vastly different ...
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What if a portal is opened from the Mariana trench to the Sahara desert?

The first portal is placed at bottom-most point of the Mariana trench (the deepest part of any ocean, located in the western Pacific Ocean) and the second is placed in the Sahara desert in Africa at ...
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11 answers

Why is this creature afraid of water but not of body or plant fluids?

I have a creature or more accurately creatures that I have a problem with. I can't figure out why it is afraid of water. They are land based tiny tiny little piranha like organisms that work in unison....
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9 votes
3 answers

Are my deserts accurately positioned?

I have asked previously how I could create an earth-like world with as many deserts as possible in it. I have received some useful answers and have tried to draw a realistic map of what I intend for ...
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8 votes
4 answers

How much heat/energy would be needed to turn a large section of desert sand into glass?

I'd like to include a locale in my world that would be a massive glass crater in the middle of the desert. Originally, I imagined an orbital laser cannon or solar "Icarus"-style weapon from the ...
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2 answers

Would large enough equatorial continent produce a central desert through sheer size?

As I understand it, the deserts require a number of conditions to occur, leading to the overall decrease in precipitation. And areas around equator usually lack these. While there are some deserts ...
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31 votes
10 answers

How can glass marbles naturally occur in a desert?

I had a dream that on my alien planet, there was a large desert that had naturally occurring glass marbles in the sand. My dream logic was that the sand was melted into glass and natural weathering ...
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12 answers

How to dry an ocean planet and turn it into a salty desert?

I have a planet covered with a large shallow ocean, which extends over most of its surface. I want to turn this planet into a great desert, specifically a salty desert (the salts of this desert are a ...
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7 answers

What features might a wind-powered ship designed for travel over sand have?

In this world, a nation's army uses sailing ships to travel across a desert. They only travel at one time of year, during which a very powerful windstorm blows from the East. They leverage the wind to ...
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4 answers

Water planet turns into desert world without being rendered uninhabitable

A habitable (human could survive in its atmosphere without suits) desert planet which used to have large oceans is quite common in ScFi. I was thinking about the processes which could have been ...
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5 votes
3 answers

How to Cause a Hydrosphere Apocalypse Part I The Great Drought

This is part one of a two part question. Part two can be found her (How to Cause a Hydrosphere Apocalypse Part II The Great Flood) Desert planets are a staple of science fiction. And while we have ...
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Planet with no rain, only fog, like Chile's Atacama Desert

I'm trying to design a planet with weather conditions similar to the Atacama desert in Chile- mainly in that there's no rain, only fog. From what I understand, in Chile, this is caused by a rain-...
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Sahara Savanna? [closed]

The Sahara Desert. At 3.6 million square miles and an average high of 104 degrees Fahrenheit, this is the largest and hottest desert on the planet. Despite its sandy reputation, sand makes up only ...
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