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For questions involving supernatural and often malevolent beings, usually seen as moral opposites to angels.

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How can demon technology be prevented from surpassing humans?

A being known as Dea is the creator of all things in the multiverse. It created human beings as living batteries in order to fuel him and give him power. Dea feeds off of human worship, which he uses ...
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Would molten tin solidify and coat an organic horn?

Tieflings are routinely captured and imprisoned. Those that are compliant enough are sent out and used to hunt other tieflings, but not before having their horns dipped in molten tin as a way of ...
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Demon Empire annexs North America. How would the world react in 1972? [closed]

I had an urge to make an alternate history, which is an alien space bats scenario. Here some worldbuilding that I made. In another dimension, a planet is divided by 4 space filling empires. Theis ...
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How could a pair of twins be born with different abilities? [closed]

The demon king Sparda had an affair with a mortal woman. This union produced a set of twins named Dante and Virgil. However, a peculiarity occurred between their forming. The one called Dante was born ...
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How can an evil spirit take control of a human body during REM sleep?

I have a friend who is a really nice guy. The problem is that he was born as a half demon. While he looks completely normal, he possesses a spirit inside him called "Amon". This being forces him to ...
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Realistic Demonic Possession

Let's say that one day scientists discover proof of demonic possession when scanning the minds of patients with unexplained mental illness. My goal is to write a realistic scenario using current-day ...
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If angels and devils are the same species, why would their mortal offspring appear physically different?

Angels were all originally part of the same race before the war in heaven, when the ones that rebelled were cast out and sent to hell. The humans on earth were similar to angels, but without the ...
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Why do demons heal faster than angels? [closed]

Angels and demons originally came from the same source: the creator. God filled his angels with his essence during their sculpting, giving them powerful and immortal bodies. Their physical forms ...
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Representing lust in asexual beings?

How could demons of lust affect/tempt beings that do not reproduce sexually, and have no sexual desire? Like, they can't even be affected by lust magic, their brains simply aren't wired for it. How ...
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How could a human be corrupted into a demon?

In many stories, the transformation of human to demon has been interesting to think about. This of course extends to mythology: In multiple folklore, it's said that Lilith became a demon of her own ...
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How to differentiate between demonic possession and mental illness?

It turns out that all of the deities and various demons, angels, and spirits are real. The super natural world took a hiatus since the dark ages for reasons not relevant to this question and for ...
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What would convince rational people that a given book has been written by the Devil? [closed]

A central part of my story involves a certain book that was allegedly written by the Devil himself. However, my protagonists are rational and skeptic people, they do not believe such outrageous claims ...
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You can control a Demon by knowing its True Name, but why?

The power of True Names over demons is unbelievable: A Lamashtu demon can drain you of your blood in under 5 seconds, blend into shadows, and travel at the speed of darkness. Yet it will crumple like ...
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How to form a government in the underworld? [closed]

During a business trip to hell one day, I managed to meet up with Mr. Satan and his adviser(pet) Mr. Hitler for an exclusive interview. Let's cut straight to the point I've found out that the lesser ...
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How would Angelic and Demonic Flight work? [duplicate]

The common conception of angels and demons is of humanoids with wings on their back. But in my story, angels and demons operate in 'nonmagical' ways; there are no 'spells' or any 'charms' in this ...
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Anatomically Correct Nuckelavee

As a series of anatomically correct myths, here we have the Nuckelavee. Is there a realistic way that Nuckelavee could evolve? Using Earth or near-Earth biology, how close could I get to the classic ...
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