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For questions involving supernatural and often malevolent beings, usually seen as moral opposites to angels.

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You can control a Demon by knowing its True Name, but why?

The power of True Names over demons is unbelievable: A Lamashtu demon can drain you of your blood in under 5 seconds, blend into shadows, and travel at the speed of darkness. Yet it will crumple like ...
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2 answers

Could these demons exist?

The demons are large subterranean humanoids. They are human-like in form and intelligence, and around 8ft tall when stood up. Their face is elongated, with a vaguely canine-appearing snout. They have ...
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How can I make my sealing ritual necessary?

This concept is based off of an scp foundation wiki monster. An ancient deity called the scarlet king exists across several dimensions, but is prevented from entering ...
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