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Reality Check: Decay in Intense Radiation

What would decay look like in an environment so intensely radioactive that no bacteria can survive it for any appreciable amount of time? This is in a bunker that's been hit by a malfunctioning 'dirty'...
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3 answers

What Gas Would A Dead Kaiju Have To Release To Cause Torrential Rain?

Assume my kaiju has just been blown open by the military, its organs and intestines spilling out. What gas, either released from its innards or released during decomposition, could ascend and cause ...
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11 votes
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What would happen to nuclear missiles left to rot post-apocalypse? [duplicate]

A sudden cataclysm takes place. The human race is all but wiped away. And the nukes in their bunkers and silos are left to rot for 800 years before anyone finds a record of them. What has happened to ...
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Best way to stop a rotting zombie

The Context I am designing a type of zombie that is made through a ritual involving an eldritch abomination called the Unsound Vulture. These zombies manipulate their decaying flesh and bones to move, ...
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What would a giant corpse island actually be like?

Context There is an inland sea called the Poisoned sea (name subject to change), which is around the size of the Mediterranean sea. A vast majority of the land masses in the Poisoned sea are the ...
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How quickly can a swarm of insects eat 1kg of meat? [closed]

In my story a swarm of insects (ants, beetles, etc) can be controlled and directed to devour a carcass. Assuming there are enough insects to actually consume that much flesh, how long would it take ...
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Realistic clone tank design for long-term post-mortem effects [closed]

Let's say you have your stereotypical sci-fi/video game clone tanks: people, in translucent goo (preferably glowing), grown to physical maturity in a glass container. Let's presume the tanks are ...
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