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For posts dealing with aspects related to social coupling activities.

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Is it possible to date this object?

I am writting a science fiction novel. In my novel, some scientists find an important object in an Earth-like planet: a bunch of spherical synthetic quartzites. These quartizes are approximately 200 ...
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Could there be a romantic relationship between an ancient immortal and young mortal without a power imbalance? [closed]

Romantic relationships with serious age-gaps are controversial in real life. It is often seen as the older person is engaging in predatory behavior since they are generally both wiser and richer than ...
45 votes
16 answers

I have a superpower that no-one can say "no" to me. How can I get informed consent?

I have a character who has a super power that gives them what can be best described as perfect pheromones, and when in their presence, anyone will volunteer for anything they want. (Eg in existing ...
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How would romance change in an Aspie society? [closed]

I'm curious about this, as I was recently looking through a question titled, "Wrong Planet, What would an Aspergers' planet be like?" dealing with a society of individuals with Asperger syndrome. ...
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How to match make others? [closed]

I'm writing a story about few foreigners doing a work stint on a small island country, ~500K. The country is quite similar to the western world except dating is mandatory for every single person, with ...
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