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Questions tagged [cryptids]

For questions relating to supposedly real creatures that lack any real definitive evidence of their existence

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Polymelic hexapods – how and why? [closed]

In a seed world not too far away, a small mammal will have a bodily change that will one day give the draconic rank to its descendants, Of course if that is possible. polymelia is a birth defect in ...
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Features of a technological civilization that would fail to notice another intelligent species on their planet?

"Peopling" is such a funny word. I'm currently writing about the "anting" of the great landmasses of Myrmecos some 180,000 years ago. There are many species of "ant people&...
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Anatomically Correct Yeti

This is a submission for the Anatomically Correct Series. The Yeti/Abominable Snowman is a cryptid animal from British/Tibetan folklore. It is a large & bipedal apelike creature with white fur ...
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Anatomically Correct Chupacabra [closed]

This is a submission for the Anatomically Correct Series. The Chupacabra is a legendary cryptid animal from North American folklore. It is a strange bear-like or reptilian creature that sucks the ...
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Anatomically correct Bunyip [closed]

This is a submission for the Anatomically Correct Series. For my world, every mythological animal that was conceived of in the past exists. However, these mythological animals lack magic so they must ...
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Best way to hunt (a) Bigfoot with multi-million dollar resources?

A multimillionaire is going to hunt for Bigfoot in North America (let's just assume confined to USA). Capture preferred, kill acceptable. What would be the most sensible way to do it (highest success ...
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3 votes
2 answers

Ningens / Humanoid whale-like creatures

Ningens are an old internet legend/creepypasta. Supposedly living in the polar regions of the globe, these creatures are described as having white-skin, a roughly humanoid structure with clear head, ...
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Could the Orang Pendek exist?

The orang pendek is a cryptid that reportedly inhabits remote, mountainous forests on the island of Sumatra (likely evolving from orangutans) and are depicted as: being 114cm (3.7ft) tall have ...
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Could the Dobhar Chú exist? [closed]

Residing in Ireland, the Dobhar Chú is a creature of Irish folklore being depicted as: being carnivorous resembling an Otter being 7 ft long residing in lakes (optional) hunting in pairs (optional) ...
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Could Mothman exist? [closed]

Residing in west virginia, Mothman is depicted as: Being 7 feet tall Being nocturnal Having red eyes (or at least appearing to) Having wings Being white in coloration Having no obvious neck Given ...
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How can a bigfoot hide from satellites?

A bigfoot is hiding in the Canadian Pine forests. Why haven't the thermal imaging satellites picked up the huge animal all this time? Is there some way an animal can hide from thermal imaging cameras?...
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Anatomically Correct Snallygaster

This is a submission for the Anatomically Correct Series The snallygaster is a cryptid from Maryland. It is often described as resembling a half bird/half reptile like creature with large wings, a ...
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