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Cryogenics refers to the properties of very cold things. Usually considered to refer to temperatures below −180 °C (93 K; −292 °F)

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Ways to accidentally ingest a cryoprotectant [closed]

So, continuing along the basic storyline of this last question: Is it possible for a human to be cryonically preserved in vacuum? What I took away from the answer (note singular) and comments there (...
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Is it possible for a human to be cryonically preserved in vacuum?

So, let’s say a guy, we’ll call him Jeff, has been chosen by the mighty god user98816 to be transported into the future. Unfortunately, user98816s godly time-machine is busted, so he decides to just ...
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Would radioisotope thermoelectric generators be more effective on Titan than in space?

Since radioisotope thermoelectric generators (RTGs) operate by turning the flow of heat into electricity, and Titan's atmosphere can absorb heat faster through conduction than a vacuum through ...
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Cryo-Pods For Unaltered Humans

OK, faster than light isn't possible & a merely significant fraction of it can begin to stretch the bounds of reasonable reality as that fraction increases // so a less unreal way to allow us our ...
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What would happen to a steel object that got cooled down nearly to absolute zero? [closed]

Imagine a mundane steel object, it may be a door, a car, or simply a steel bar. By some handwavy means it gets nearly instantly cooled down to a a few milliKelvins. After that singular act of magic, ...
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Why would a sleeper ship be designed to only wake one person in case of emergency?

Starliners are huge colony ships. They carry enough equipment, building materials, embryos, colonists and nutrient rich rations to permanently establish a sizeable colony on a far-flung world. ...
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Despite almost zero energy consumption why does my spaceship scheduled cryostasis in shifts?

In the distant future a breakthrough in cryostasis technology can put healthy people into frozen state so that all metabolism halts and cells never age a bit, the spaceship is carrying them across ...
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How would it be to be revived from voluntary death? (cryostasis)

Cryostasis, suspended animation, cryo-preservation or cryosleep (the marketing guy's prefer this last one as "Oh yeah, we gonna kill you in a manner we that will hopefully make it possible to revive ...
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What is the minimum required technology to reanimate someone who has been cryogenically frozen?

As part of the story I am writing, an individual has been frozen with relatively crude cryogenic technology, then preserved as well as possible. Given the constraints of biology, what would waking ...
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In what ways would cryomancy affect the food eaten by medieval people?

Cryomancy is magic involving the removal of heat from an object by converting thermal energy into magical energy, thereby cooling the object. The conversion to magical energy is not perfect (some ...
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Ice-World / Cryo-World Settlement (amorphous cryolava / cryomagma)

I was watching a program about the New Horizons space probe and was fascinated by the new revelations about cryolava/cryomagma, and the amorphous planes covering Pluto(98% nitrogen ice). I'm wondering ...
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What drive/engine would allow Medrunners to make it to Venus from Oberon in one to two weeks

Medrunner Lao Dorn and his team have been given a mission. A young woman has contracted some sort of parasite that is slowly eating away at her vital organs. The doctors on Oberon are unable to do ...
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Storing people in space

In the future, personal Cryonics (in the hope of cure or immortality on re-awakening)) have become enormously popular. However there is a storage problem. There just isn't enough space for all the ...
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What happens to the human body when hit by a magic lightning and a frozen arrow at the same time? [closed]

What happens to the human body when hit by a magic lightning and a frozen arrow at the same time? The lightning power is strong enough to shock but not to kill. The point where the ''combined spell''...
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How would mastering cryogenic life-extension affect economics?

If there is a chance to hibernate one's body for a century depositing some money with an interest rate, I assume many people would do so. It would allow immediately (from person's perspective) to ...
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Ancient cryogenics

It's a few years from now, and an incredible breakthrough in medical science has occurred that allows doing an in-depth 3D analysis of a deceased person's body, allowing their brains and bodies to be ...
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Arctic frog cryogenics

Rana sylvatica, the only amphibian found north of the arctic circle, has a very unique survival strategy: it pumps its body full of glucose and hormones just before freezing so that ice crystals don't ...
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Frozen inside an ice cube

You are a mad, demented evil scientist getting revenge on John Smith, a secret agent that has thwarted your plans one too many times. Intent on making Mr Smith suffer, you decide to capture his family ...
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Realistic cryosleep with short or no wake-up protocol?

I read that our current method of cryonics involves replacing blood with other fluid and keeping the body submerged in liquid as well as on ice (these things being done to the dead, for now, instead ...
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Alternative to cryogenic sleep / deep hibernation?

In a not-so-distant future, around 2300, mankind finally find a way to keep the body intact over hundred of years, allowing a limited number of humans to travel over hundreds of years in order to join ...
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How do you circulate cryoprotectants through the human body?

Context if you're interested The main problem with freezing living things is that the cold tends to damage tissue. Ice crystals form between cells, dehydrating and shrinking them, and preventing ...
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Why do people in Cryogenic sleep not wear clothes?

In a lot of science-fiction stories, there are people who hibernate of sorts in cryosleep. Basically something like the person's body is stored in a container which is then chilled at really really ...
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How long could you theoretically preserve a living human?

Is there any good scientific reason someone couldn't be kept in hibernation, cryo-sleep, suspended animation or what have you indefinitely, or at least up to a few thousand years? If not, what would ...
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How to make food last indefinitely

While I do know that there is no possible explanation for how we might wake someone up from such a long sleep, I was wondering what food would be edible after one million or so years where the humans ...
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How Long can someone be Cryogenically Frozen?

In my story, the characters encounter someone who has been frozen cryogenically for a very long amount of time, and woken up. Assuming we have the technology to put someone into suspended animation (...
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