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A "counter-Earth" is a planet that follows the same orbital path as Earth (or another planet), but on the opposite side of the Sun.

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Let's plot a course between Earth and Gor

We know that Gor, or Counter-Earth, is not stable in a long-term sense. Let's handwave that away, or assume that we are dealing with a temporary span of time in which the instability is immaterial. ...
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If there was a Counter-Earth on the other side of the Sun, when would it have been discovered?

Setup: We are in a alternate timeline where there is a Counter-Earth that always stays perfectly on the exact opposite side of the Sun from our Earth. It has about the same size and mass as our ...
45 votes
12 answers

Could two planets follow the same orbit and never "see" each other?

Imagine two identical planets planet A and planet B, orbiting the same star. Is it possible that these two planets follow the exact same "route" as they orbit their sun, but are just distant enough ...
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How technological advanced a civilization would need to be to prove the existance of the shadow Earth?

In a short sci-fi story i am writing, Earth has a shadow twin. A planet with the same chemical/geological characteristics as Earth and wildlife very similar (but different species because evolution ...
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Duplicate Earth and Moon, where should I put it?

Duplicate Earth and Moon, where should I put it? This question partly arises from the criticisms of stories that claim a hidden planet obscured by the sun, how it would have been detected and if ...
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2 answers

Making a Counter-Earth

In this question, it's pointed out that the L3 Lagrange point, where a "true" Counter-Earth would lie, is in fact unstable, and over time any object there would drift into a different orbit. ...
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What are the possibilities of a dwarf planet orbiting opposite Earth's orbit?

I am drafting a short story about a small object orbiting the Sun at the precise 'speed' as Earth's opposite the Sun, undiscovered by us due to its position. The problems I see with this include the ...
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