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Questions tagged [conflict]

For questions about disagreements: note this is not automatically about wars. Consider the [warfare] tag for outright wars.

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13 votes
12 answers

Minimizing bleeding, maximizing killing

In this world there is a species of Apex predators that roams every corner of the planet, creatures basically unkillable... Oh, and it flies, very fast. But they have only one weakness, they are blind ...
1 vote
4 answers

Reaction to first emergence [closed]

I’m writing a story in which the beginning of superheroes arises when four people with vendettas commit extreme acts of violence using elemental abilities against a few countries. Powers are as ...
1 vote
5 answers

How could the God of Love turn the tide of war against rival gods?

With the 11 Olympian gods along with many of the demigods annihilated and Olympus set on fire, Aphrodite and her worshippers quickly retreated into hiding. There is a prophecy that only love can save ...
1 vote
0 answers

How would a socirity works with many different species? [duplicate]

the world my sister and I are making, there exist four "head" species, which is Humanlin, Dragons and Demons. I was wondering how you would make a society with very different species, which ...
3 votes
7 answers

Firearms and weapons in space

Lets assume the setting is multiple civilizations all around the universe, each owning at least one of a planet, a huge mother space ship or a space fleet. If for some reason there would be a conflict ...
4 votes
3 answers

Human vs Dinosaur conflict in post apocalyptic world [closed]

500 years post apocalypse, human society is based on small settlements surrounded by electric fences. This is because, during this time dinosaurs have returned to roam the earth. These dinosaurs are ...
2 votes
7 answers

Alternatives to War [closed]

In this world, violence has developed to be perhaps most definitive, means of action. Not just humans, but many other species face the harshness of battle, be it to defend their young or gain ...
5 votes
3 answers

Sapient Ant Colony Rivaling Homo Sapiens and Homo Neanderthal? [closed]

Ants are amazing little creatures. They work together to build massive colonies underground, jointly take down insects five times their size (occasionally going for small animals too). In my world (...
18 votes
10 answers

How can a new country break out from a developed country without war?

I'm in need of the backstory on how a country was able to form and break out from a rich western and well developed country. I basically had to hit a reset switch in order for some of the future plans ...
43 votes
16 answers

What would be the pros and cons of a merged military and police?

What would be the pros and cons of a merged military and police? In the world I am building war is an ongoing issue, and so the culture's military is quite extensive. Also the majority of people carry ...
0 votes
3 answers

What conflicts would there be in a world/society with little to no colors? [closed]

Specifically, a futuristic/scifi-like society where only the colors are on a Black and White spectrum (White does yellow with age, so white tinted yellow is tolerated to a degree). The members of ...
7 votes
12 answers

How would a species, which does not understand the concept of war or fighting, react to a war? [closed]

Try to imagine a species which does not know what fighting, conflict or war is. They don't have animals on their planet, they are totally on their own. Now humans come and kill some of them and stuff ...
-2 votes
1 answer

Protagonist is way too overpowered [closed]

In my story I've created a main protagonist called "The Paradox". He is connected via quantum entanglement to a space-time matrix which connects him to the minds and bodies of pretty much every ...
3 votes
4 answers

Reasonable way to win a man vs. society conflict [closed]

In this type of conflict, a character must take on society itself, and not a single person. The character stands at odds with societal norms and realizes the necessity to work against these norms. (...
2 votes
0 answers

Human dominated by hamsters [closed]

In a world dominated by hamsters, how would people solve the conflict of drinking water shortages?
33 votes
8 answers

Could the Romans have colonised the New World?

The question of whether the Romans could have crossed the Atlantic in a storm has already been answered and the answer seems to be: yes but unlikely. Could the Romans have crossed the Atlantic in a ...
-1 votes
3 answers

Would mask law helps prevent racial and cultural conflicts in the medieval times?

Say the Plantagenet kings of England in the medieval times are really tired of bloodshed and come up with a plan... pass down the mask law: every men and women must put on a plain mask, which must ...
1 vote
1 answer

How can high-tech person move to a fantasy world? [closed]

What are conditions for a high-tech person (robot, cyborg or so) could move to a fantasy world? Even if my world is a fantasy world, it is only one part of a huge universe where other worlds (and ...
3 votes
3 answers

Are magic and technology compatible [closed]

Scenario I have two countries: one has a heavy reliance on technology and the other on magic. They have been fighting for a long time and see the opposing affinity to magic/technology as evil. Now ...