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Questions tagged [concealment]

For questions about the concealment of items, creatures, or activity. Such concealment may be achieved by biological or technological means, or by taking advantage of natural settings such as the geography of an area. The size of that which is being concealed is not restricted, but it would typically be something too large to normally be easily missed by an adversary.

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8 votes
15 answers

Hiding a star cluster

I have a concept involving the colonisation of a star cluster by ideological outcasts who want to be left alone. Is it possible for them to either totally physically hide this cluster (presumably ...
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Feasibility of “invisible” orbital bombs

The fleet is in orbit around the planet. The enemy is in a similar orbit, and they vastly outnumber the allies. The allies have a plan, ‘invisible’ bombs, incapable of being seen will float in orbit ...
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3 votes
2 answers

How can I hide a flying city? [closed]

In my writings I've created an island I need to hide. The island itself is around 100-200 square miles in area and the island rests around 12,000 feet in the air and is surrounded by a mountain range ...
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23 votes
29 answers

What modern-day object could a magic wand be disguised as?

In my setting, wands and staves are two of the many means by which magical creatures can harness, to a limited degree, other magical creatures' powers. When a magical creature (known as an immortal) ...
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5 answers

Effectiveness of a modern-built Q-ship in the Napoleonic Wars

Let us suppose that at the beginning of the Napoleonic Wars, we have a 5th-rate ship similar in appearance to the 38-gun HMS Lively with a displacement of approximately 820 tons, and a top speed under ...
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How to hide a continent? [duplicate]

In one of my settings, there is a continent about the size of South America in this general area: It's almost uninhabitable except for the natives and animals, is there a way to conceal this from ...
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2 answers

How to keep the public from finding a trans-reality inter-dimensional space bridge in your backyard, and how to keep stuff from coming out [closed]

In one of my stories, three ex-SWAT team people have been recruited to guard a trans-reality inter-dimensional space bridge (basically means aliens can walk through it)in the backyard of a large house....
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2 answers

least known most fortified place for 300+ soldiers with supplies

I have a rebel group. I have a government. The rebels have some guns. The government doesn't like the rebels having guns and is trying to hunt them down('cause that's just what governments do to ...
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2 votes
5 answers

Hiding a spaceship on planet/in a town [closed]

My story is going to be a space western, the planet they're on is on the verge of environmental collapse. A town is intending to use a spaceship to reach orbit to join the evacuation efforts, but ...
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20 answers

Killing a star safely

A messenger from the stars just arrived in peace but has brought horrible news. A vast swarm of planet devouring phototropic insects are approaching from deep space and our only hope is to obscure or ...
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21 votes
19 answers

How to hide rifle during medieval town entrance inspection?

Here is my fantasy medieval scenario: There is pair of adventurers, a Supportive/Non-Offensive mage and a swordsman. The swordsman is actually a disguised rifleman who carries a scoped rifle. In ...
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13 votes
9 answers

How to hide an urban landmark?

Picture an alternative history Second World War Paris. The Third Reich must destroy the Notre-Dame de Paris, and the inhabitants must prevent this. The French do not have access to anti-air weaponry ...
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31 votes
13 answers

What is the best way for a skeleton to impersonate human without using magic?

The classic skeleton that a necromancer has reanimated has gained independence and escaped from the group. Now, as a free individual, wants to know more about humans. Obviously, humanity sees it as a ...
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Undercover agency hideout [closed]

In my world half the population is dead, the rest enslaved after the uprising of a nefarious rebel faction. Most of the world's armies have succumbed to defeat. However, a group of former intelligence ...
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