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An electromagnetic launcher that uses one or more electromagnetic coils as a linear motor to accelerate a magnetic or conductive projectile. Not to be confused with [railguns]

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Railguns vs coilguns in the field [duplicate]

I am developing a sci fi mod for a game called armored brigade and a faction present in this mod will use either railguns or coilguns as crew served anti armor weapons similar in form to something ...
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Infantry portable coilgun power sources

I am envisioning a weapons team that can carry around a coilgun about the same size as a recoilless rifle. The L55/12.M Crew Served Coilgun from Kaelo Engineering is the newest advancement in ...
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Could environmental concerns be a valid reason for needles to be used instead of bullets?

In my settings, humans live in a world where the planet reacts violently to environmental pollution. Once it's reached a certain point, monsters erupt from the planet and attack all human beings. ...
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Maximum railgun and coilgun dimensions for space craft

I'm creating a sci-fi universe with a friend and I've come across a slight problem. We are attempting to create a type 2~3 militarized civilisation where the main weapon of a certain spacecraft is ...
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Alternate power for projectile weapons [duplicate]

I am working on a series set a few hundred years in the future where fusion power is common and starships roam between planets. I am trying to think of a way to power small Arms weapons and keep them ...
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Tank armaments: railguns vs coilguns

Assuming power can be provided, what would be the more practical primary armament for a tank using an electromagnetic cannon? I am looking for a good compromise between accuracy, cost and durability ...
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Ring-Shaped Particle Cannons and Circular Coilguns

In my previous question a guy called Thorne pointed out that I could make a high-velocity coilgun without using a barrel of enormous length by taking a page out of the LHC's book and using a circular ...
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Best material and shape for small-arms railgun/coilgun amunition?

If you search this site for "railgun", you'll find a lot of questions and answers. But none seem to talk about what the ammo wouls be made off. Considerations: The small-arms have the energy storage ...
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Power Source For Gauss Gyrojet

So I have a ridiculously overpowered weapon for a character call the Mk II "Damocles" Gauss Gyrojet, which is essentially a coilgun which fires rocket bullets. It is so bulky it is only capable of ...
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Feasibility of coilgun system for sub-luminar interplanetary transport

My story is set within one solar system, which can be assumed to have a similar composition to that of our own: one Class G star, a handful of rocky inner planets and a handful of gas giants on the ...
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Is there any advantage in a railgun/coilgun having multiple barrels?

I'm putting together a design for a large land based walker style weapon, the machine has missile rack above and 2 large railguns/coilguns/cannons on each side. Aesthetically I'd like the design of ...
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Hand Held Coil Gun cannon - Enough to rip a giant robot limbs into pieces

OK, so my main character has created a hand held coil gun cannon, the whole coil gun is 6 feet long with the barrel taking 5.5 feet of the said coil gun. The coil gun is equipped with recoil ...
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What are the advantages of a coilgun v.s. a railgun?

I want to know the pros and cons of hand held rail guns versus coil guns. They will be given to infantry who can easily lift the weapons. If need be they could have twice the strength of a normal ...
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