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For questions regarding the area separating a land mass from a mass of water

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What factors influence what kind of shoreline you get?

I'm writing about a group of colonists on an Earthlike world, where I want to get the geography realistically correct, and it occurs to me that one thing I have not really seen discussed is the nature ...
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Craggy coastline due to divergent plate tectonics

I wanted to create a landscape in which a coastline is lined with a cliff in the following arrangement (the image below is a transversal cross section): I also wanted this arrangement to be achieved ...
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23 answers

Would there be any reason to colonize the coastal regions of a lifeless Earth-like world?

I'm designing a setting (or in this case, a game) that is dealing with the early days of a colony on a new Earth-like planet (but without any contact with Earth). In this case, while there are no life ...
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2 answers

Would this be a plausible coastline + river combo?

So, for an area of my world, I'm imagining three cities situated along the stretch of a river, running from a lake in the mountains onto relatively flat terrain (though still a bit above sea level) ...
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Would a tunnel in sand collapse?

I wonder, my Kepler Bb world has a lot of different biomes. Go x regions in a certain direction and there will be a different biome. Region 1, where the first city is, has a river, lakes both ...
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Hamada this place! Plausibility of hamada desert features in a polar region

Definitions Hamada: A type of desert landscape consisting of high, largely barren, hard rocky plateaus, with very little sand because this has been removed by deflation. -- From Wikipedia ...