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For questions about clouds (formation, appearence, features)

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Dark clouds on gas giants

One of the gas giants in my star system has large areas of its atmosphere filled with cloud layers that are pitch black when looking at them from space. What material could those clouds be made of to ...
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Clouds on a tidally-locked planet

I have an ocean world in my science-fiction universe which is tidally-locked to its star. The planet is a tidally-detached moon from one the gas giants in the outer system, and orbits a red dwarf star....
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Would a Denser Atmosphere cause Clouds to float higher?

So laying out a few things here: a planet has an atmosphere about 3.5 times denser than Earth with a marginally cooler average temperature (about 12 Celsius). It has a basic Nitrogen/Oxygen Mix, but ...
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Cloud formations on an ocean-covered moon

Vimala is a Luna-mass moon, orbiting a large gas giant in a yellow star system. Though it is two AU from its star, (and therefore outside the habitable zone) tidal heating helps it to support liquid ...
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Are there any atmospheric properties that might make iridescent clouds more common on a different planet?

I'm designing a few planets and the life that could inhabit them, and was wondering if an uncommon Earth phenomenon like iridescent clouds might be more common on a planet under different conditions. ...
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Evaporation Pans by Filling Lake Makgadikgdi with water from the Zambezi [closed]

I have Macro question, and have enquired and discussed this topic with numerous people. My background is more in Economics and Finance, but I have a small little plot in the Waterberg Limpopo (Pecan ...
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What is the minimum strength that my forcefield needs to have to keep various atmospheres with a difference of 13% in total pressure?

I’m designing an alien world, which functions as a nature preserve for some extremely powerful aliens. I haven’t worked out the specific size, distance from the sun etc. yet, but I have already ...
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Permantly Fog-Filled Canyon

I have a canyon, with similar size and shape to the Grand Canyon. The canyon is carved by a large river, similar to the Colorado river. I want this canyon to be filled with fog so thick that, if you ...
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How can a natural process create a near-perfect geometric shape as the most prominent feature of a planet?

Starship Not-Enterprise exits hyperspace and looks at the planet filling up the window. Their jaws drop. The planet has a perfect geometric shape clearly visible from space, occupying the majority of ...
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Potential atmospheric compositions given a temperature range?

I'm generating a planetary classification system for a sci-fi universe. Right now I'm basing part of it off of Sudarsky's theoretical classification of gas giants (
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What would be needed to scientifically be able to stand on cloud?

Inspired from people walking on water using cornstarch plus myths such as monkey king, several gods in heaven/celestial palace, and other fiction works. (image from Dragon Ball by Akira Toriyama) I ...
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Terraform Mars with Phobos dust?

According to the following reference, a few tons of infalling space dust cause the Martian clouds: These clouds can boost local surface ...
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Thunderstorms, 24/7

There are a number of places in which cumulonimbus clouds - and therefore, thunderstorms - are likely to form, such as: Cold fronts, where masses of cold air move into hot, moist air masses Around ...
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How might clouds be produced in a large underground fantasy realm?

I'm attempting to give my fantasy world weather/clouds, (some might be light-producing to add to other light sources, so if there's a scientific way to do that, please give it to me). There are ...
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Would a flying superhuman leave a contrail behind?

I'm writing a speculative fiction story that includes superhumans, and I'm trying to get some of the specifics nailed down. Several of my superhumans have the typical powers of flight, usually able to ...
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How can I ensure my Evil Tower is always stormy?

It's been a good year for me as an Evil Overlord. Lots of princess kidnapping turned into sizable ransoms, several of my Doomsday Devices were sold for high prices at auction, and my Minions have been ...
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Clouds on a planet surrounded by a giant "meridian" wall

I am writing a fan-fiction (thus the world that my story is set in is not mine though some modifications can be done in accordance to my story's timeline and setting in relation to the canon universe) ...
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Is it possible to detect a flying creature hiding inside a cloud with our current technology?

In my story, flying creatures rule the sky. These creatures are usually tiny like an eagle or a vulture compared to huge (cumulus/cumulonimbus) clouds and these creatures always hunt and hide as ...
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Red clouds with a blue sky

Is there anything that could change the colors of the clouds while still maintaining the sky blue? Or any other color for the clouds, except blue. You can use our solar system as a basis for this. ...
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How strong could a land of ice clouds be?

In my world, there is a forest of giant trees on both poles. The trees create a canopy that is perpetually covered in ice. This frozen canopy extends so high that it supports a "land" of frozen clouds....
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What would the clouds of a planet with 100% surface water look like?

A planet in one of my solar systems has 100% of its surface covered in deep water, many hundreds of kilometers deep. Some criteria relating to the planet. It's fairly close to its host, a sunlike ...
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Could a Saturn-like hexagonal cloud be possible in an earth-like planet?

On saturn's north pole there is a hexagonal cloud which does not move. My question is: is it possible to theoretically make a hexagonal cloud on an earth-like planet? And furthermore, is it possible ...
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Multi-colored Clouds

A little while back, I went to see Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets (honestly unsure of what reaction this is going to get), and there was a particular scene that showed a desert planet's ...
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