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Questions about the process of creating genetically identical biological beings, either by reproductive processes or by technology or medicine.

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How do you solve the copied consciousness conundrum without killing anyone?

What do digital immortality, teleportation, the show Doctor Who, and a horror game released in 2015 have in common? The idea of copied consciousness. Each of these examples relies on copying the ...
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What's the impact of a "cloning" teleporter?

Extending upon my prior question, could-a-viable-interstellar-civilization-form-with-this-technology. From what I've read there's two basic ideas which describe how teleportation might work: Destroy ...
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I can send small things back in time 500 milliseconds, which item listed would be most profitable to teleclone? (without extortion)

CAVEAT: NO TERRORIST SOLUTIONS (Obvious answer to any new tech that destroys stuff is "use it for extortion." That cheap trick won't get rewarded here) I have a device similar to what ...
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Do clones have fingerprints?

Do clones have fingerprints? Are they the same as their original? Fingerprints are based on your genes but are influenced by your birthing environment. Identical twins don't even have exactly the ...
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How do you produce fast grown working clones?

In story after sci-fi story you have images of clones stepping out of some sort of gooey bathtub or cloudy coffin type device. Be they a single doppelganger or whole clone armies. MY SETTING I am ...
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If everyone was cloned and the clones were a foot tall, how would the American government react? [closed]

Yesterday, some weird aliens decided to test their cloning device on earth. It blew up, and killed the aliens. However, it also created a one foot tall exact copy of everyone on earth. ( I shall call ...
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Imitating the double body aspect of quantum entanglement with other tech…

I’m working on a scenario where one person can be at two places at the same time, kind of like a mirror version of themselves where the original person controls both bodies even though the two bodies ...
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How to get clones to look identical to original?

Far in the future, or not so far future, scientists finally manage to create healthy clones of animals and people. These clones, unlike the pioneering Dolly, will have no medical side effects and can ...
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How could we clone an alien?

Let's assume that sometime in the next year, we receive a transmission from deep space containing what appears to be blueprints of an alien genome. After extensive study and determining that the data ...
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Re Zero ; kill all and start over - what genes are associated with non violence

Anyone with a perfectionism mania would understand the urge to delete and destroy everything for the smallest mistake, the most insignificant impurities are disgusting and craze inducing from the ...
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Can a clone be of the same age as the original [closed]

If I clone a 50 year old what are the ways I can get a 50 year old clone ?
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