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Questions tagged [climate-change]

For questions about planetary climate change.

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21 votes
9 answers

How big would a satellite need to be to block out the sun?

I have a story idea that involves a human attempt to halt and reverse global climate change. The idea is a simple one - a satellite that partially blocks out the sun. The satellite is located at the ...
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17 answers

Dropping ice in the ocean to stop global warming

In the TV show Futurama, an in-show infomercial mentions that Earthicans started dropping giant ice cubes in the ocean to slow down global warming. Now, Futurama is a show where science is a mixed bag:...
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6 answers

What if a portal is opened from the Mariana trench to the Sahara desert?

The first portal is placed at bottom-most point of the Mariana trench (the deepest part of any ocean, located in the western Pacific Ocean) and the second is placed in the Sahara desert in Africa at ...
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Could Comets or Meteors be used to Combat Global Warming?

The running theory is that if the Earth is hit by a sufficiently large meteor, that the impact would create an ice age from all the dust it would put into the atmosphere. While this has been ...
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Keeping an "hot eyeball planet" wet

Consider such a tidally locked planet: Many issues with tidally locked worlds have been discussed, but I'm not clear on how the water cycle for an otherwise Earth-like tidally locked world, would be ...
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What would an Antarctica without ice look like compared to other continents?

Lets suppose that Antarctica at some point lost most of its ice (due to global warming or some other plausible reason) and now most of its bedrock surface is exposed. Compared to other continents, ...
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2 answers

Reducing atmospheric pressure on Snowball Earth

A Snowball Earth is a global condition (which may have occurred many times) in which the temperature everywhere on the surface was, for extended periods (up to tens of millions of years), below the ...
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5 votes
4 answers

Increasing Earth's orbital radius to stop global warming

Followup from Dropping ice in the ocean to stop global warming as promised. In the Futurama episode "Crimes of the Hot", All earth robots fire their engines at the same time at the Galapagos islands. ...
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Nuking all the ice

I've been trying to envision a scenario where global warming is accelerated to the fasted possible speed. One scenario I thought of was detonating large scale nuclear warheads on the North and South ...
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44 votes
27 answers

How could a time traveler have prevented climate change [closed]

Let's say a Moon colonist in the future has discovered an alien time machine. A small remnant of humanity still exists on colony worlds in the solar system, but due to runaway climate change, they are ...
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6 answers

What measures might an ancient civilization take to protect itself from extreme heat?

An ancient human like civilization exists on a planet like our own but warmer, with more deserts and smaller oceans. Climate change is forcing the daytime temperature slowly upwards. What measures ...
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16 votes
4 answers

How many "years without a summer" can society survive?

In 1815 Mount Tambora erupted throwing so much dust into the atmosphere that the year became known as "the year without a summer". *There were a few other mitigating factors but Tambora is thought to ...
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9 votes
4 answers

What kind of natural disaster could create a permanent, global cloud cover?

“Permanent” here meaning “significant over geological timespans”, so it would have to last at least 10,000 years and produce a thick enough layer of clouds that it would cover the entire planet in an ...
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Maintain atmosphere on moon using global warming

So, a neat thing, depending on how you look at it, about greenhouse gases is that while it's causing a raise in temperature near the surface it actually makes the upper parts of the atmosphere ...
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Can satellites decrease global warming?

An island nation has a lot of coastal territory and has become gravely concerned about the threat of global warming. They've decided to fix this by launching reflective satellites into orbit -- ...
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Is it possible to have (near future) satellites that appear to rise and set like the sun and moon?

And if I wanted them to appear about 10 times the size of the sun and moon, would this be possible? Should they lie inside LEO or beyond it? I would like their orbit to be considerably closer than ...
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6 votes
3 answers

Could you actually make a green space program?

Is it plausible to build and maintain a space program without adding to climate change? While obviously there are larger problems in the near term with respect to climate change, I'm thinking about a ...
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5 votes
4 answers

How might a naturally-occuring geographical barrier between two areas *suddenly* become permeable so that a few people can cross it?

The world is Earth, probably west coast of the USA, in the throes of severe climate disaster; major storms, earthquakes, droughts, fires and floods are the norm. I am looking for a way to suddenly ...
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The possibility and possible backlash of a thruster large enough to move a planet

Inspired from the game "Planetary Annihilation" a Halley Delta V Engine is a engine built in the ground that is big enough to move the planet when used. This can be used for two things in my mind. War,...
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Post- Nuclear Holocaust. Radioactive wastelands vs eco-system and chances of human survivability?

I'm attempting to flesh out the history to a sci-fi novel I'm currently writing, which is set in the future. Several hundred years prior to the beginning of the story, lack of resources lead to ...
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Do hurricanes reduce the thermal energy of the water they pass over, and if so by how much? [closed]

This question suggests a theoretical possibility that hurricanes may be disrupted by removing heat from the system. My question concerns the natural passage of a hurricane. Ocean water is warmer ...
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Would solar energy have been viable during the extinction of the dinosaurs?

I've been imagining a world where several coincidental factors drastically reduce the temperature of the world, leading to global cooling. Lots of snow may be involved, but I imagine there would be ...
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