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For questions about the organization (structure) of social groups with economic, political, or cultural characteristics in common (class).

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I would like others to explain social classes in a space opera setting to me [closed]

I would like others to explain social classes in a space opera like Star Wars setting to me
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In a capitalist society where automation has made the value of human labour worthless. What would keep the rich from just killing off the poor? [closed]

Suppose, at some future date, AI has reached a point where it is better at every possible job than humans and has entirely replaced human labour in the marketplace (including in the military). In a ...
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Why do all magic schools have streaming?

Streaming is the practice of grouping students based on their magical potential, usually at the end of the entrance exam the candidate has to don a talking pointed hat which then announces their ...
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How easy is it to fake being in a different social class?

Idk if here is the right place to put it so if there is a better place, pls do lmk. In Fantasy, lots of the stories have some poor person pretending to be a rich person or some rich person pretending ...
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Earth is starting to become a multi-species society. Should we be worried about a multi-species caste system?

It is my dream that humanity can one day become a multi species civilization. As someone who feels like a stranger on this planet, it would be nice to have some company in that regard. But aside from ...
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How can a mage who can only cast in-situ thermonuclear explosion spell moves up the ranks?

Set in the modern day, many talented citizens especially those who can cast magic spells are encouraged to join the army. A very small group of mages can tap into the nuclear forces at will but they ...
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Creating a new form of societal hierarchy

Societies have hierarchies: today they are loosely divided into an upperclass, middle-class, lower-class. Our world used to be more focused on a caste system with royals at the top, religious ...
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What could be electable positions in the senate of organized crime? [closed]

So I am constructing a decisional body for the world of organized crime in my near future setting. I am basing this on many things, among them the ancient roman senate. Only the most senior members ...
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Astral Doubles (Avatar)

This might be entirely opinion based which is frowned upon in world building but I really do need help on this. I’m writing a story of an alternative version of Earth where almost 80% of its ...
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What is a reasonable size for the elite of a dictatorial, neofeudalist superpower?

The Medwedian Democratic Federation is a dictatorship that occupies the northernmost part of Eurasia (roughly northern half of Russia) in an alternative world. Due to a better climate and slightly ...
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A drug that reaches only a certain segment of society [closed]

For plot reasons, I'd like to introduce a (legal; prescribed or OTC) drug that ends up primarily used by a certain segment of society, to wit, lower to middle income folks, with only occasional use ...
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What is a good title (name prefix) for a class of society that serves as both a civil servant and clergy all in one?

I have a class of people in my world known as "Guardians." They are extremely powerful in this world and have special abilities that are unrivaled by almost every other class of people. They use their ...
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How does military rank structure affect position? [closed]

I am creating my own Sci-Fi military that has its own unique rank structure, however I am trying to make it comparable to real world, modern military forces. I am also combining all branches into a ...
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Primogeniture/marriage/clans/etc in a hermaphroditic species

Hermaproditism (simultaneous and sequential) and cyclical sex-swapping would seem to eliminate patrilineal and matrilineal concepts of inheritance and allegiance, but I really want one of my alien ...
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How are non linear games built computationally? [closed]

I'm really interested in non-linear games and have taken up programming to learn to build them. So far, I've learned of basic data structures, algorithms, design patterns and a couple languages. But I'...
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How Can I Keep an Economy Stable Using Food as Currency?

I am creating a world where the currency (the only currency) is tablets that dissolve in water to create food. Each tablet provides all of the nutritional needs for an average adult for one day. The ...
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What could cause a society to develop with large economic differences between classes while the discussion of money is taboo?

Physical tokens of money and discussion of money and economics are considered vulgar and crass in this culture, yet there is a vast economic gulf between the very poor and the very rich. There is a ...
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