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Questions tagged [chimera-folk]

Crosses between human and other animals, especially large-scale combinations with clear adoption of form or traits. Consier also [shapeshifters]

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How animal can a human-animal hybrid be? [closed]

Not sure if this would be better on Writing, so I'll ask it here. How much can a character who is a sheep-human hybrid act like a sheep without it being weird or over-the-top? How animal should a ...
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Application of magically-created chimeras [closed]

So, in a typical fantasy world, mages and wizards have discovered a ritual to create chimeras - they can produce monstrosities by fusing animals together. Note that by 'fuse', I do not mean any fancy ...
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How big of a taur do you get out of a human?

The title sort of explains what I'm asking, but here is some context; Bill shouldn't have taken that help wanted ad for the mad scientist up the street. Now his legs were gone, and replaces with ...
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If one nekomimi became intelligent while others were not, could they free their species? [closed]

One day, Bob the everyman wakes up in the morning and goes down to feed his 3 cats, only to find that they have transformed into cat-like people. Essentially they have cat ears and tails, and their ...
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How could an organism with keratin fur/hair and feathers generate a spark of static electricity? How well would this spark start a fire?

My creature is a 'chimera', so it is a combination of a few different animals. As a defense (or an offense) mechanism, it can coat itself in a flammable oil and self ignite. I would prefer to ...
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How would language be affected if humans had animal-like mouths?

Every single depiction out there seems to think that animal teeth and/or mouth are no problem for a perfect speech-therapist approved pronunciation. For instance the Cat People. They never have any ...
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Evolution of Bearfolk

What animals and in what conditions would evolve into something resembling a bearfolk like this one A ''bear'' humanoid of 600–800 pounds standing in two legs, divided in many sub-species with ...
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How human-like can a badger sound?

Okay, so now some badger folk want to try and imitate human speech. How close can badger vocal cords emulate human speech? I know dogs can crudely imitate human speech (we can see two dogs with the ...
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What kind of human music do badger-folk like?

Okay, so now that we've established that the badger folk (or Melinae sapien, if you want to be politically correct) are trading their ore to the humans for cat food. Now we need to determine what ...
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