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For questions about young people before puberty or before teenage years.

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2 answers

How would childhood be affected by the fact that babies are born with the knowledge of an average adult?

My question is simple: In a world where babies are born with the knowledge of an average adult, what would happen to the childhood of the child? For example, how would this affect the learning of ...
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6 votes
2 answers

How advanced could a civilization controlled by small children become?

Suppose there was a disease which didn't destroy humanity, but which mentally crippled all humans over the age of 10, rendering them incapable of mental activity beyond the level achievable by rabbits....
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9 votes
5 answers

Would a human culture that developed in a world where audio recording was straightforward also develop written language?

Possible situations where this might happen: Early human culture develops in a situation where audio recording and recall is straightforward - perhaps in a place where there is an abundance of tame ...
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22 votes
11 answers

What if parents didn't "own" their children?

Passage of the Childhood Ownership Act of 20X8 Bob has finally made it to a position of power as a rich white male in the First World after hundreds of lives as a powerless child. He has used his ...
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