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For questions about young people before puberty or before teenage years.

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Would humanity survive an empty Earth suddenly populated with young children?

Scenario: An Earth that is identical to our own (for the sake of being specific let's say the environment is the same as it was in 1 BCE) The planet is uninhabited by humans (and no there aren't ...
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The students have blown up the school using stuff that looks like snow. How?

In Hungarian, there is a new-ish folk-song sung by school-children who dislike school whenever it snows to the tune of Twinkle, twinkle, little star: Hull a pelyhes dinamit, Robbantsuk fel a sulit! ...
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What would the psychological effects be on a child who grew up knowing they could never really get hurt?

(This question goes more in depth from a previous question.) Imagine This: The "Black Box" is a mind vault for a few humans who created it, the humans wanting to survive a nuclear war happening on ...
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Military Training from Toddler Age

I saw this question, but mine is slightly different. Could a hyper militaristic society get better soldiers by training all children from when they are toddlers? They would be put in state-run ...
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Increasing the Survival Rate of Multiple Births? [closed]

Historically, multiple births (twins, triplets, etc.) are less likely to survive under circumstances of high infant mortality, what might change that so at least one tends to survive?
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