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Would crab-cavalry work? [closed]

Basically, giant crabs ridden by humans as cavalry, I just don't know if it's a good idea, and I could use some answers on how to make it work. The setting is medieval fantasy. The Giant Crabs won't ...
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Would a lizard-mounted cavalry be effective against pikes?

Would a cavalry force mounted on giant lizards be effective against unmounted pikemen? The lizards are roughly horse-sized, with a large reptilian head which they keep down when they run. It seems ...
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What mount would work best in a desert setting as a cavalry animal?

The story I’m currently writing, is in a fantasy desert setting. It’s gonna be focused on world and city building so obviously the army is gonna play a big role. The technology of the world is based ...
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Would ATV Cavalry be as effective as horse cavalry?

During the early 1800s, various countries are gifted tall and modern ATVs (All-Terrain Vehicles). These ATVs require no fuel and come with manuals. After a few months of trials, many Europeans master ...
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What good are undead cavalry as part of a modern army (fighting mostly orcs and goblins)? [closed]

Basically, the question is, what alterations would the necromancer/biomancer make to his horses to make them viable again? The horses can be trained and are sentient. The necromancer can repair them ...
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What would cause horse-riding cavalry to return?

Basically, what would cause an army to go back to riding creatures in cavalry, as opposed to armored vehicles. The mounts can be armored, but they have to be what you'd normally think of as creatures;...
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How do paved roads affect the wear and tear of iron horseshoed cavalry?

A relatively young and ambitious ruler has decided to build roads across the domain as part of a large public works project. The dirt tracks and existing gravel roads are to be paved with local stone ...
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Could genetically engineered horses make cavalry survivable on a battlefield with modern technology?

Could genetically engineered horses make cavalry survivable on a battlefield with modern technology? While machineguns made cavalry obsolete, could there be a way that horses could be modified to be ...
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