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Questions tagged [carnivorous]

For creatures primarily consuming meat.

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Would a saber-toothed predator make a good draught animal?

Saber-toothed predators are strong and robust, with a strengthened neck which they use to power killing strikes on their prey. To me, this profile resembles such as oxen, horses, and other such ...
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Does prey necessarily have to be bigger than predator when it comes to larger animals?

I am trying to create various fictional animals and monsters to inhabit my world. Many of the animals I am creating are huge, and some are even bigger than elephants. Some of these include the ...
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Would intelligent humanoid carnivores start a civilization?

Let's say in an alternate world, Homo Sapiens died out but another Homo species evolved. Homo Carnivorous is very similar to Homo Sapiens with one big difference. Homo Carnivorous can only digest meat ...
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How could a ruminant become a carnivore?

I have a speculative evolution project regarding giraffes. For those unfamiliar, giraffes are ruminants and rumination is not viable for carnivory according to every site I have wandered upon in my ...
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Could a species of Obligate Carnivores achieve sapience?

So I had this idea for a sort of Speculative Evolution/sci-fi project where humanity(known as the Founders) found no life beyond their solar system and decided to terra-form various planets with life ...
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2 answers

Viability of a predator that uses clubs to hunt (blunt hit attack)?

I think there are no predators that use clubs to hunt, maybe the closest thing is the mantis shrimp, but I think the killing factor are the waves produced and this happens in a very little size scale. ...
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What should the teeth and jaw gape of my hypercarnivore humanoid species be like?

They also eat blood and bones. I was thinking the teeth should be serrated, like a T. rex's, but rexies had really long muzzles and while my species have a little bit of a muzzle, and square chins/...
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Something came from the sea. What does it attack first? [closed]

There is some sort of carnivorous mega-creature. What it is doesn't matter. What does matter is that it can kill pretty much anything. Imagine a mini-kaiju. Like, only the size of a double-decker bus ...
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Size of a litter for a carnivore with a high rate of death

So, I'm designing an alien race/civilisation of carnivore. I was thinking of a very aggressive specie, who is both the alpha predator of his world and his own main cause of death. Basically, a lot ...
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Anatomically Correct Carnivorous Tree

How might a carnivorous tree look or work? The following conditions must be met: Consumes members of the biological kingdom 'Animalia' Possesses something resembling a trunk or stem of any kind ...
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Why would my carnivorous species condemn murder? [closed]

The members of this species are carnivorous pack animals with human-like intelligence, with the majority of them being a part of a supersized "megapack." They frequently kill for food or defense. ...
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4 answers

How to cause a surge in large carnivore diversity, roughly 5-7 million years hence?

I have had an idea for a possible story, where the protagonists are some kind of future, sapient hominid descendants (Not descended from humans; bonobos or gorillas or something). The main premise of ...
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Designing a creature with jaws to crush iron bones

In my most recent question, I asked for a material other than calcium and collagen that could form skeletons in alien creatures. My favourite answer was bio-steel; "Iron with a small percentage of ...
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Can I have a carnivore with large canines that kills by crushing the skull of its prey?

For this question, I've got a pretty large carnivore. I haven't quite decided on their hunting style, but am leaning toward them being an endurance hunter. They're comparable in size to a large ...
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Carnivorous wire grass a.k.a. Bloodgrass

Inspired by Bonegrass and the local sawgrass I've started thinking about a new creation... Bloodgrass. Bloodgrass typically grows along the edges of watering holes and streams in tall dense thickets ...
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Designing a carnivorous plant

Planet Swamp. As the name suggest, it is a planet fully covered with swamps. A new kind of carnivorous plant has been discovered on this planet: when its leaves are touched by an animal or moved by ...
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How often must carnivorous grassland eat?

Don't go into the bonegrass. Seriously, unless you want to be dead. You go in there, brush the grass with your clothes, start to feel sleepy... Before too long your limbs will go numb, then you're on ...
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Is a man-eating plant realistic?

Carnivorous plants live in nutrient-poor, highly lit habitats, such as bogs or rocks. For example Earth's biggest carnivorous plant, Nepenthes rajah, lives on mountain-tops with high concentration of ...
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