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Could a Black Market exist in a cashless society (digital currency)?

I'm writing a story about a fictional city-state on Earth. This city-state is very similar to modern-day Singapore. One unique aspect about Ebonia is that it is a 100% cashless society. All money ...
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How would a galactic scale industry affect local industry or global industry? [closed]

The setting that I am asking about is a massive almost galaxy-spanning country that has an industrial chokehold on all the other nations around it. However, large-scale industry in this setting ...
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How valuable is the company that invents artificial intelligence? [closed]

I have a near-future story told about the invention (right word?) of AGI. In it, the company responsible for it goes from "no one has heard of it" to billion-dollar-capitalized practically ...
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How could the lottery and gambling work with accurate fortune tellers?

In my world, fortune tellers and psychics aren't con men but actually possess supernatural abilities. People born into the Romani lifestyle can make repeated and accurate predictions via tarot cards, ...
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How can I blow up the Enterprise Death Star ™️©️®️? [closed]

In my world, a group of researchers have developed artificial general intelligence (AGI), and they have open sourced it on GitHub to help it evolve. The AGI is relatively small for an AI and can run ...
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Using gpt-3 to manages a business [closed]

In my company, all decisions are made by a gpt-3 algorithm. It runs the entire business, from hiring to firing to product development to marketing. (These decisions are laid out in multiple-choice ...
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