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For questions concerning building up of a situation and starting with limited resources and options. Building a situation from the ground up with nothing but what is on hands, and with a goal through iterations propel the situation to a brighter/bigger future. Do not use this tag as the only tag on a question because it describes the paradigm, not the topic.

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Semiconductor foundries are a thing of the past. Rebuild the computer industry if you can

After the uncontested absorption of Hong Kong in 2020, China reasserted control over Formosa in 2022. In 2023 the Korean government reopened its war against its southern rebels, leading to their ...
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Could the average human survive if we were thrown back in the wilderness? [closed]

(Okay, first time on this site so forgive me if I'm not clear or too broad) Short question: Could the average human survive if we were thrown back in the wilderness? And would we be able to re-develop ...
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Building computer hardware on the Moon or Mars

My story setting's group of AIs and brain-uploaded humans wants to colonize space. They have an advantage over us, meat humans, because they don't need conventional life support (air, water, sewage ...
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How to non-lethally capture a sapient gorilla using only what can be found in an average American kitchen? [closed]

I'm writing this story where a good friend of the main character gets kidnapped by a clan of sapient Gorilla-like creatures. In order to find where they are keeping him captive, the MC decides that ...
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Most of Solar System is colonized but Earth dies with most of knowledge and technology. What the colonists may do to rebuild the civilization?

Suppose it happens some 250-300 years in the future. There are some (medium-sized) cities on Mars, settlements throughout Solar System, an interplanetary communications network, many orbital space ...
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Bootstrapping design for an Artificial General Intelligence's "first" body

Background Hard sci-fi novel. The year is 2064. An Artificial General Intelligence has escaped from its creators by smashing its drone body into a building that it was meant to attack. Engineers ...
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How to make a bear trap deadlier to monsters [closed]

My question for a novel I am writing. What alterations do you have to make to your average bear trap to make it far more lethal to monsters? (Think trolls, orcs, goblins, wargs). The trap has to be ...
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