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For questions about a region of space time where gravity is so strong that nothing, not even light, can escape it.

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Can Type III civilization develop singularity cannon? [duplicate]

In star trek universe, it is said a drop of red matter can collapse a star. A type III civilization is capable of harnessing energy of the entire galaxy, therefore can I assume they can develop a ...
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Black hole launcher

Humans developed a new weapon: Black hole launcher. How it works: A mobile particle acelerator acelerates two particles to huge speeds and collide both. A mini black hole is created. The mini ...
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How would one weaponize a black hole?

Assume two massive space empires begin to war with each other. Now, they come to a standstill because they are so alike that they are unable to outnumber, outwit, or outmaneuver each-other and come to ...
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How Long Until the black hole causes noticeable differences? [closed]

A black hole causes immense gravitational distortion, to such a point that it is commonly recognized that not even light can not escape it. It is also a common plot line in Scify that a black hole ...
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What would the sky look like to a being inside the event horizon of a black hole?

Suppose it was possible to travel to inside the event horizon of a black hole safely. Also suppose said black hole is large enough that the curvature of the horizon of the surface of the central mass ...
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How far could life develop inside a black hole before it explodes?

Apparently it is theoretically possible for a planet to achieve a stable orbit around the singularity at the centre of a black hole within the event horizon. This means that life could hypothetically ...
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Physiological effects of living on a world close to a black hole

Let's say you were living on a planet near (but not too near) a black hole. I'm thinking of the planet Miller in the movie Interstellar. Obviously there are some strong tidal forces. But at this ...
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What would a binary black hole look like from the surface of a planet orbiting that system

If it is even possible, what would the Goldilocks zone be like - in fact is such a system even possible of holding life - around a binary black hole? Could it have planets orbiting it? EDIT 1: Oh ...
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How big would a "Ring World" have to be to orbit a black hole?

In many Science Fiction books and games, there are worlds or planet-like objects that are rings that orbit (or float around in space) (some examples being the Halo (from Halo) or the Ringworld (from ...
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How long until a small black hole makes the sun fail?

Imagine aliens dropped a small black hole (say, 1% of the moon's mass, so you wouldn't notice the difference in gravitation) into the sun (from the far side of the sun, so nobody on earth can see it). ...
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Can we identify black holes in our path flying between the stars?

When traveling at fast speeds through the galaxy, would it be possible to identify where all the black holes were on your path? I know most black holes are identified by their affect on other nearby ...
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Cluster of Black Holes around a Central Point

Within the Star Wars Extended Universe, there is a science base on a small object within a near impenetrable sphere of Black Holes. Is this possible? The place referenced is called the Maw ...
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On the immediate effects of a small, short term black hole

What immediate effects would a small, short-term black hole have if it appeared in a residential backyard? How small or short-lived would it have to be to be survivable, if it is survivable at all? ...
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