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Aligned AI Used By Misaligned Humans [closed]

Title. In my story idea, an extremist terror group uses an advanced AI to create a designer disease that ultimately kills ~20% of the world's population. This ultimately leads to humans banning all ...
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What would be the quickest way to sterilize a planet from several light-years away?

I'm thinking of a couple main ways, but they seem pretty unreliable for complete sterilization. I'm imaging a pretty reclusive hermit civilization around their solar system. They see intelligent life ...
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Can you make effective poisons/acids/flammables from basic ingredients that would be useful in fighting monsters?

Can you make effective poisons/acids/flammables from basic ingredients that would be useful in fighting monsters? I am writing a story about a MC who goes into Portals to kill monsters (Typical DnD ...
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How to built a molecular timer into a bioweapon?

Following COVID and having watched far too many zombie movies, I started thinking about an optimal design for a biological weapon. Symptoms wise I believe a modified version of rabies sounds ...
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What would be the easiest way for a personality-altering bioweapon to be transmitted?

So this bioweapon is a genetically-engineered microscopic parasite used by a certain government in a sort of revolution-turned-war. It works by making its host more paranoid, stressed and non-trusting ...
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What is the best place to sleep health-wise inside an M1 Abrams tank?

There are several characters crossing an NBC-laden apocalyptic landscape in an M1A1 Abrams tank. For various reasons irrelevant to the scope of this question, they cannot leave to set up some kind of ...
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What kind of bio-weapon would incapacitate soldiers from modern combat with little to no suffering?

There's an ongoing war with modern-day weapons (mainly guns). We're trying to develop a bio-weapon to just make soldiers unable to fight with guns while minimizing suffering, such that they're able to ...
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