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The process of replacing manual steps with automated (ones not requiring direct human interaction) ones.

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What role do chain gangs play in a technologically advanced iron mine?

Somewhere in the far future, an iron mining corporation has worked an ethically questionable deal with the government in which federal prisoners are sent to the mines in chain gangs. The government ...
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How do we replace printing by automated writing?

It is the year 1800 technology-level. In this world, no one uses any kind of printing technology (moveable type, typewriters, block printing, lithography, etc). People still write, and need to ...
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What would a one-crew armored fighting vehicle look like with a modern level of technology?

Imagine something like the M2 Bradley, except with no passenger capabilities and a single crew member. I recognize that having one crew member is rather harmful redundancy-wise, but that's not ...
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How would a treaty forbiding the use of automated weaponry change space combat?

Background and Goal I'm building a science fiction setting for a game that will have a lot of space combat focused around fighters. One thing I wanted to avoid was letting the setting drift towards ...
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What essential operation had to be run on autopilot in a manned combat powered armour?

In the near future, the military deploys hundred of thousands of combat ready powered armours for peace keeping purpose around the world, they carry heavy weapons and an array of sophisticated sensors ...
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What is the best procedure or program for creating a 'realistic' worldmap to suit my setting?

I have a fairly-straightforward alternate modern-day Earth setting, somewhat similar to Ace Combat's Strangereal or the 'America' seen in Rockstar North's GTA series (real life, with the serial ...
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Would a fully automated future society where everything is owned by the state still require taxes?

In this future society: All of Earth's resources can be accessed since the planet has one world government. All services and goods are owned, created, and distributed by the state. Every step of ...
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Would we allow others to live given the achievement of utopia? [closed]

Assuming the human race achieves the utopia by automation in the sense that: We have robots and machines capabile of perfect autonomy (robots create new robots and robots repair existing robots) ...
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How could a skyhook stay in orbit with no human involvement for thousands of years

In the story I'm writing, three humans with stone-age technology and no knowledge of space accidentally awaken thousands of cryogenically preserved humans. These humans immediately get to work on ...
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How can the interior of temple lit automatically during medieval time?

In the 1400AD, there was a temple built to honor a late king somewhere in the middle east. The temple can house a thousand people and have many facilities from amenities to entertainment plus an ...
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How can I explain why in a future of robots, ai, and automation, people still bother to do anything themselves?

Many people think that in the future, all jobs will be taken by machines and AI. Why then, would anyone bother doing anything at all, such as invent things, fight in combat, etc - in other words, how ...
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A World Without Currency [closed]

In a world where everything would be automated but resources were still finite, would there be "rich" people (aka people with privilege to better and rarer stuff) and how would they be chosen? The ...
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What could an individual contribute to society other than labor?

Modern education teaches citizens that the point of an individual in society is to contribute labor. In a world with limited natural resources, we use this idea to measure an individual's worth in ...
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Do self-driving cars make more people move to the city?

Futuristic movies often show giant future mega-cities (Fifth Element, Blade Runner, Minority Report, etc.). Is the future mega-city accurate? Assertion 1: Self-driving cards will become increasingly ...
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Building an Ethics Framework for use of Uploaded Personalities

Five years ago, our company reached the stage where we were able to create, maintain, and communicate with digitized brain transfer images. These trials were conducted on patients with life-limiting ...
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What macro-sized things can be made with a hydrocarbon assembler?

In a near future society, man will be mining asteroids far from Earth. One technology on board their ships is a hydrocarbon assembler. It takes in energy, water and carbonaceous asteroid matter and ...
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Society expectations to Work for your living

Many people set who they are and others by what jobs they do, how they make their living. As more and more jobs are being taken over by computers and robots there are 'fewer' jobs for others. Yet we ...
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