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For questions regarding the application of the laws of physics to orbital mechanics, stellar evolution, and other astronomical processes and celestial bodies.

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Stellar metallicity and the mass-radius and mass-luminosity relations

I'd like to include highly metallic stars in my setting as anomalies and resources. Wikipedia defines stellar metallicity as the fraction of a star's composition that isn't hydrogen or helium (i.e. if ...
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Looking for a Specific Planet

I know my title isn't the most specific, but the planet I am looking for is. I have been looking through many exoplanets and I can't seem to find what I am looking for, the closest I have found is ...
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How many giant planets could form in a hierarchical triple star system?

The system in question has a very close binary pair of 2 G-type stars, a G9V and a G7V, orbiting at about 0.2 AU, with a K2V star in a far orbit about 300 AU out around the both of them. There is a ...
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