Questions tagged [assimilation]

For questions that deals with how one part of a population can assimilate the rest of it. It is mostly about cultural, linguistic or religion assimilation. Also see the society tag.

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Can culture A adopt culture B's language entirely but keep their identity intact?

In my world, a group of nomads (culture a) conquered settled peoples (culture b) and adopted their language as an administrative language, think Aramaic or Koine Greek. I've also been playing with the ...
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How to justify small Hominids not being conquered by (anatomically modern) Humans?

So in my setting there's a group of Hominids distantly related to humans. They live in a forested continent on the coast of which humans have created colonies. They have patchy light brown skin for ...
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8 votes
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What can lead invaders to adopt the culture of the invaded?

In my world I need people of culture A to invade the lands inhabited by people of culture B. The invasion is successful and A conquers the territory. However, the A people adopt the B culture to a ...
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Aborting Abrahamism [closed]

Let's imagine that some powerful evil eldritch abomination decided to hijack Roman Republic 45 BC, saving Caesar in the last moment and fashion itself as Mercurius (Hermes), who was sent by Olympus as ...
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How to assassinate Martian separatist from Earth?

Here is the scenario:The Martian leader is going to have a speech at certain location according to a reliable source. Objective is to eliminate just him But here's the catch: To show Earth dominance ...
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What does it take for an invader to successfully assimilate the population of a conquered state?

Let’s say we have 2 states. One gets invaded by the other. What does it take for an invader to successfully assimilate the population of a conquered state? Successfully: At least 50% of the ...
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