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For questions about devices that gestate, or carry fetuses, similarly to the human uterus.

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How can clientele be convinced to accept planned obsolescence built into their biological forms?

The human soul can now be uploaded into alternate biological bodies. These bodies are grown in utero in artifical wombs from human cells and grown to full adult form within a few years. These grown ...
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Could an all-male society exist?

I'd like to create a sci-fi story with a country or planet where only men are allowed to live and they use in vitro gametogenesis and ectogenesis (artificial womb) to have children without any woman. ...
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3 votes
4 answers

Colonization via artificial wombs and AI?

So, astronomers discover that ~100 years Earth will be destroyed or rendered uninhabitable by a black hole passing through our Solar System. Governments around the world focus on ensuring Humanity's ...
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8 votes
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Is another animal used as an artifical surrogate for humans possible?

This question asks about traditional artificial wombs viability (Is an artificial womb feasible?). I was wondering if we could take an alternative route by using a biological womb instead. Is it ...
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Is an artificial womb feasible?

Does the following progression/collection of technologies make sense on the way to an artificial womb? The central assumption to this question is that the female body is a delicate, complicated ...
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What is the best reproductive strategy for equality between the sexes?

Many questions on Worldbuilding have posited different reproductive strategies that often result in the virtual enslavement of females (when there are females involved). On Earth, normal human biology ...
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