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The design, construction and use of constructions intended to house large numbers of people in a sustainable way. Usually on a planetary surface. For habitats in space, use [space-stations] or [space-colonization] instead.

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What factors do you need for a self sustaining cube building [closed]

In my world, there is the working class, who live in a giant cube called three cubed, there are 27 districts and each are responsible for different things. Three cubed can not only provide for itself, ...
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How can intelligent insects defend themselves from the cold?

The world is an icy wasteland, populated only with dark fungi burrowing through the irradiated earth. The last plant life in this desert is cultivated in great cities of ants and honeybees. A few ...
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Is an Underwater œcumenopolis viable?

An important planet in my setting is an ocean planet with a few atolls as its landmass. I intend the planet to be an underwater oecumenopolis (imagine a planet-spanning Rapture from Bioshock). Most ...
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How feasible/widespread would arcology/underground structures be on an highly tectonic world?

It is pretty much guaranteed that my world would have very intense tectonic activity, plus it would be about 23% smaller than the earth and I have been wondering how that would influence the ...
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Why does my arcology let light in, when it was originally a sleeper ship

In my story the protagonist lives in an arcology, but this is not just any arcology. Over a 100 years ago, a global war fought between those who sided with a massively distributed and rather 'insane' ...
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How long could a well-built, well-preserved underground shelter last?

This isn’t a question about sustainability, but rather archaeology. Let’s assume you built a large underground complex, perhaps a bunker or a communal fallout shelter, in a geologically stable region ...
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How large and heavy would an arcology have to be?

I am trying to work out the size and (because this is among other things for populating a rotating habitat) weight of an arcology made to house, say, 5000 people - that seems a good number for a self-...
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How much time would you have to build cities underground after a gamma ray burst?

So the situation, for those who aren’t familiar, is that Earth is in trouble. Again. A gamma ray burst from a dying star somewhere close by (a couple hundred to a couple thousand ly) has grazed or ...
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Preferred method of mass transit inside an arcology?

This is more of a general question than a query about any specific model of arcology, but to make the question easier, let’s assume the arcology is either domed or covered by some sort pyramid made ...
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How deep could we bury the world in artifice?

I've been reading a few books lately, principally the Warhammer 40,000 descriptions of Earth and the Night's Dawn Trilogy, and it's got me wondering just how far down we could bury a planet under ...
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How Many People Per Dam Arcology?

Arcologies are never defined by shape. One of the options to consider is constructing "dam arcologies". Envision the Hoover Dam with most of its non-support structure given over to living and ...
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Is there a practical reason for a civilization to build massive terranean structures?

This is probably a loaded question but nevertheless an interesting topic. Take this picture from Star Trek for example. In it, you can see what must be a super massive structure that occupies so much ...
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The anatomy of Arcologies?

In my space-fantasy WIP I intend to make heavy use of Arcologies. But I don't have any real information on their layout or the "plumbing". Leading here me to look for answers. What are some likely ...
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Would a medieval Arcology be possible?

In a barren desert, 5 cities called the desert pearls are placed like pearls on a string. Travel between the cities are done with huge pack animals who looks like a breed between elephant (mammoth) ...
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