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Does it make biological sense for primates to come in every possible hair, skin, and eye color? [closed]

There are a lot of Japanese shows and games where people have many different hair colors and eye colors. There are even cartoons and games where people come in every skin color in the rainbow and ...
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What would someone look like with golden blood?

Not actual gold, only golden in color. This is entirely for appearance wise only, how would gold-coloured blood look on someone who is very, VERY pale. Not only skin tone, but how would it affect ...
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What are the evolutionary advantages to have epicanthic folds?

In my world, there are sixteen species that form together the living species of the Homo genus: anatomically modern humans (Homo sapiens sensu stricto), merfolk, angels, demons, ogres, giants, ...
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What would rotating ears look like on a humanoid species?

I'm trying to make a biologically accurate, human looking species. Since they can't make many sounds, they also use their ears' positions and rotation to have an advanced vocabulary. So the same sound ...
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How to tell bird people apart when their visual differences are more subtle?

One problem that fantasy suffers from is that it is hard for human viewers to differentiate between actual non-humans when the differences are subtle. I'm not talking about dwarves and elves, but ...
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What effects would large-scale hydraulic mining have on the landscape?

Premise/question Hydraulic mining is the process of spraying high-pressure jets of water into the ground to dislodge sediment and rocks. The muddy water from this is directed into sluices where ...
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The Mad Scientist Asks, "What Would a Hybrid Between a Grey Wolf and a Dire Wolf Look Like?"

Within our society is a mad scientist obsessed with hybridization. His specialty is canids, and he could not get enough of the canid hybrids that had happened in the past--wolfdogs, coywolves, ...
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Would the Earth appear to be spinning off center when viewed from geostationary orbit?

In 2001:A Space Odyssey, from Space Station V the Earth appears to be spinning around a center that is near the edge of the planet. Phone call from space station scene If the same station (300 meters ...
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