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Questions tagged [angels]

For questions about the supernatural winged humans found in modern religious lore. Theologically, they act as the messengers of God, but relevant questions may omit this definition and choose to focus on angelic biology or society instead. Consider also "fantasy-races" and "winged-humans."

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33 votes
8 answers

Anatomically Correct Angels

As part II of anatomically correct myths here we have the Angel. Angels appear in many cultures and are most commonly seen as simply winged humans. Is there a realistic way that angels could evolve? ...
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The Four-Winged Angel

One of the Stack Exchange's most popular topics is remaking mythological and fantastical creatures with realistic, believable anatomy. Usually, the answers go that for an angel's anatomy to be ...
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How would angels maintain their wings, would they even need to?

I'm writing a story about an angel, demon hybrid, and I wanted to know about the required maintenance of Angel wings, or in this case Dangel wings (what I call demon/angel hybrids). Since his wings ...
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