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For questions about the supernatural winged humans found in modern religious lore. Theologically, they act as the messengers of God, but relevant questions may omit this definition and choose to focus on angelic biology or society instead. Consider also "fantasy-races" and "winged-humans."

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A weapon to kill angels

I'm working in a novel based on Arabian folklore and a part of the history tells the war between angels and jinn (genies although closer to the original arab folklore than the pop culture Disney ...
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8 answers

How would angels maintain their wings, would they even need to?

I'm writing a story about an angel, demon hybrid, and I wanted to know about the required maintenance of Angel wings, or in this case Dangel wings (what I call demon/angel hybrids). Since his wings ...
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Would angel/demon wings possibly be looking at the real world, translucent/transparent? [closed]

A follow up question to my previous one (about angel's wing maintenance) : In the world I'm creating I wanted there to be this type of "birth defect" or wing abnormality, that caused some if ...
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8 answers

Anatomically Correct Angels

As part II of anatomically correct myths here we have the Angel. Angels appear in many cultures and are most commonly seen as simply winged humans. Is there a realistic way that angels could evolve? ...
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assuming the Old Testament YHWH could not create angels, how would He recruit them? [closed]

I mean to tell a story set during the time of the Book of Genesis, leading up to the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah. YVVH (one of many regional gods) builds more power, as part of a plan to ...
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Could creatures similar to old testament angels actually fly?

I am writing a novela which includes beings similar to the depiction of angels in the Old Testament. Edit: not relevant to the question (The story is set in the present day, England, but the beings ...
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3 answers

How could a winged human hide very big wings [duplicate]

So I've seen a question similar to this one, but the wings were much shorter. I've got a character that's about 5ft tall and has wings from about his shoulders to his calves. Think avian-human hybrid (...
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4 answers

can Elf be in family with Fairies and Angels?(updated)

need a bit help with an Elf species I am making. I am thinking about making them family with fairies who is in my world; some type of dragonfly. of course, I have no idea this is possible. My Elf ...
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3 answers

Humans with eyeballed wings

I want my humans to have wings. Eight of them to be exact. I want eyeballs to cover their wings. How could this happen?
9 votes
4 answers

The Four-Winged Angel

One of the Stack Exchange's most popular topics is remaking mythological and fantastical creatures with realistic, believable anatomy. Usually, the answers go that for an angel's anatomy to be ...
5 votes
3 answers

How to justify the presence of angels on earth when god doesn't pass judgement until after death

While I did draw inspiration from Christianity, this is not about the actual Christian religion. I just use the term "angel" because it helps to understand. In reality, those angels are more like "...
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How would Angelic and Demonic Flight work? [duplicate]

The common conception of angels and demons is of humanoids with wings on their back. But in my story, angels and demons operate in 'nonmagical' ways; there are no 'spells' or any 'charms' in this ...
7 votes
2 answers

Would Angels be able to dye their wings?

On Earth, hair has become little more than a tool of identity, and many people around the world have taken to dying their hair various colors to go with their style. Let's say I have a species of ...
20 votes
15 answers

If angels and devils are the same species, why would their mortal offspring appear physically different?

Angels were all originally part of the same race before the war in heaven, when the ones that rebelled were cast out and sent to hell. The humans on earth were similar to angels, but without the ...
3 votes
1 answer

The Two Types of Angels

There are two different varieties of angels—the naked, long-distance flier and the feathered, short-distance glider (The Four-Winged Angel). But both varieties have the following anatomical features ...
11 votes
4 answers

Transportation for Angels

Simple question, hopefully not broad. This is the 21st century, everything that we have. Technology to make cars, planes, trains, boats, all of that stuff. But then, in this world, everybody is a ...