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Questions tagged [amphibian]

This tag is used for amphibians or any organism which engages in multiple forms of respiration

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4 answers

Legitimacy of an army of neotenous amphibians

In my world, there exists a race of amphibians we'll call "phrogs". Phrogs were a relatively peaceful race, who evolved a kind of telepathy to allow them to communicate underwater, which got ...
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Can an amphibian grow fur?

Can an amphibian, such as an axolotl, grow otter-like fur? This fur would need to be hydrophobic and hydrodynamic to enable streamlined movement through the water. Additionally, it would trap heat -- ...
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Would Frogs Wear Corsets?

Corsets are undergarments with a variety of usages, including supporting large dress and such. While this is functional for birds and lizards, I feel there is another type of being to consider, that ...
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Benefits of Amphibiousness for Mermaids [closed]

This question concerns the Amphibious Enchantment (covered here) and its benefits to mermaids (covered here). Why? Number one, because the monsters I call Snappers will be quite available in the ocean ...
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Could an amniote evolve into an amphibian?

Could a creature which lays amniote-like eggs evolve into a creature similar to modern amphibians? The creature would be amphibious, spending most of their time in freshwater, and coming onto land to ...
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How Useful Would The Amphibiousness Enchantment Be For People? [closed]

This is an extension of Benefits of Amphibious Items? and covers the benefits of the Amphibious Enchantment for people. If someone swallows a Snapper (as in the monster, see the linked question above) ...
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Semi-terrestrial/Amphibious Jellyfish?

I have a concept for a special kind of jellyfish that somewhat bears a resemblance to the generic slimes of videogames. This jellyfish was of the Cubozoa class and existed roughly 300 million years ...
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how big does my creature's organ need to blind or stun predator of all size?

Ok so my creature will look like this They're not big, about 2 feet tall. They're technically amphibians but have the scaly hide of a reptile. They live near the sea. Their life cycle is similar to ...
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Order of Limb Pair Types for Amphibious Creature (Hexanewt)

I need to add a bit of descriptive detail on a species from a brief description. Essentially add a bit of finer detail to someone else's broad-strokes worldbuilding. An amphibious species' body layout ...
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Creature that can sleep/hibernate under the water for a very long time [closed]

There's a god that can morph into any creature he wants. He wanted to sleep for a very long time (like centuries), and found a perfect place at the bottom of a lake that is connected to the open sea. ...
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3 answers

Currency for blind amphibious aliens

The dominant species on this alien planet are sapient, somewhat monstrous bipedal creatures. They possess no eyes at all, are completely blind, and have no concept of vision. Other senses are as ...
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Could amphibious creatures ever evolve hand-like parts?

Could there ever be an incentive for a fish or other aquatic being to use simple tools, like early humans did? Would it be possible for any structure of a current water-dwelling being (for example, ...
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